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Talking about your school!


Tell me about your studies:

1/ What’s grade are you in?

I'm in the 4th/ 5th/ 7th grade

I’m in grade 4/5/7

2/ How do you go to school?

I go to school by bus/ car/ taxi/ motorbike... every morning

3/ What time do you usually go to school?

I usually go to school at 7am

4/ What subjects do you study at school?

Maths, English, Literature, Music, Art...and so on.

5/ What’s your favorite subjects? Why?

My favorite subjects are English and Music

6/ What subjects you don’t like? Why not?

I don’t like___ because it’s___

7/ What job do you like to become in the future? Why?

I like to become a ___ because I want to___

Tell me about your school:

1/ What’s the name of your school?

The name of my school is ___

2/ Where’s your school located?

My school is located in ___

3/ What time does your school start?

It startsat___

4/ What time does your school finish?

It finishes at ___

5/ How many buildings are there in your school?

There are 2/ 3 buildings in my school

There is only 1 building in my school

6/ What’s the color of your school?

The color of my school is white and blue

7/ Is your school big or small?


There’s a big playground where we can play basketball and football. We can run and jump.

A nice library where we often read good books. And many plants/ trees and flowers in a big school yard.

8/ How many classrooms are there in your school?

I’m not sure, but I think about 30/40/50 classrooms

9/ How many students are there in your class?

There are ___students in my class

10/ Who is your favorite teacher? and Why do you like him/ her?

My favorite teacher is___

I like him/her because he/she is very friendly and funny

11/ Do you have any close or best friend? What’s her/ his name? Can you describe him/her?

I have many friends but only 1 best friend and her name is ___.

She’s quite friendly, funny and talkative___

12/ Do you have any break time between classes? And how long is your break time?

Yes, of course. It’s about ___ minutes.

13/ What do you often do during your break time?

I often play marbles, hopscotch, read books and so on...

14/ How many classes do you have everyday?

I have ___ classes everyday

15/ What’s the color of student’s uniform?

White shirts and blue pants for boys or white shirts and blue skirts for girls

16/ Do you like your school?

Yes/ No

17/ Why do you like your school?/ Why not?

I like my school because___

I don’t like my school because ___


Student A:

What’s the name of your school?

Student B:

Nguyen Trai secondary school

Phan Boi Chau high school

Student A:

What’s grade are you in?

Student B:

I’m in grade 7

Student A:

Where is your school located?

Student B:

It’s located in Phan Thiet City, Vietnam.

Student A:

How many students are there in your class?

Student B:

42 students

Student A:

Do you like the architecture of the school?

Student B:

Yes. The architecture is not really impressive, but I like it that the building because there are a lot of space and plants

Student A:

What are the teachers like?

Student B:

Most of the teachers there are helpful and friendly. I especially like my teacher of English because she’s very funny and enthusiastic.

Student A:

What’s your favorite subject?

Student B:

I like English, Chemistry and Physical Education.

Student A:

What subjects are you good at and bad at?

Student B:

I’m good at English and bad at Chemistry.

Student A:

Do you like the school uniform?

Student B:

Yeah, I think I like it. The uniform is quite simple, just white shirts and blue pants. I feel very comfortable.

Student A:

Will you recommend that school to other people?

Student B:

Yes, of course. I’m proud to recommend Phan Boi Chau High School to anyone.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Pair work and role play - practice asking at least 10 questions and answer these questions!


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