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Talking about your last vacation!

 Talking about your last vacation!


1. Go – went

2. Countryside

3. A long weekend (3 or 4 days)

4. A couple of (days/ weeks/ months/ years)


I feel stressed now, I really wanna travel to somewhere for a couple of days.

5. Go hiking – went hiking

6. Hang out/ go out – hung out/ went out


I love hanging out with my friends in my free time

7. Play cards – played cards


We often play cards on Tet holidays.

8. Eat – ate (the local food)


I love to eat the local food whenever I travel to a new place

9. A group of friends


I'm a solo traveler, but sometimes I love travel with a group of friends

10. Have – had

11. Have a good time

12. Have fun

13. Go/ do sightseeing – went/ did sightseeing

14. Hit the beach/ bar/ club

15. Go on a tour – went on a walking/ bike tour.

16. Cuisine (n)


Vietnamese cuisine

17. Picturesque (adj)

18. Peaceful (adj)

19. Scenery (noun)

20. Breath taking (adj)

21. Cosmopolitan (adj)

22. Overwhelming (adj)

23. Stunning (adj)

24. Fascinating (adj)

25. Touristy (adj)

26. Out of this world

27. It was like nowhere I’d ever been before

28. I wasn’t so keen on

29. For my tastes

30. Take - took photos

31. Go - went island hopping

Part 1:

How to give basic information about your vacation?

1. Where did you go for your last vacation?

2. Who did you travel with?

3. How long did you travel for?

4. Did you have a good time? / Did you enjoy your vacation?

5. What did you bring for your vacation?


· I went to the countryside with my family for a couple of weeks. I really had a good time. I brought a book, some clothes like shorts, t shirts, a hat, sandals and a laptop/ a smart phone because sometimes I need to check and reply emails from my boss/ manager.

· I went to Thailand with a group of friends for 10 days. I had a lot of fun. I brought swimming suits, sunglasses, sunblock, flip flop, tank tops, shorts and maxi dresses.

· My girlfriend and I went to Rome for a long weekend. I enjoyed my vacation very much. We brought a lot of nice clothes and accessories like smart phones, cameras, watches, rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and so on.

· I went to Da Lat with my company colleagues for 4 days and 3 nights. And we really had a lot of fun there. Because the weather in Da Lat is quite cold, so I brought warm clothes like a hoodie, a sweater, a jacket, 2 scarves, gloves, socks, pants and sneakers/ boots.

Part 2:

How to describe what you did on vacation

What did you do on your vacation? Do you like an:

· Active vacation with a lot of adventure sports & activities

· Or culture

· Or just relaxing on the beach


· I went to the countryside with my family for a couple of weeks. Mostly, we went hiking in the hills and mountains nearby. We also just hung out in the village, played cards and ate the local food.

· I went to Thailand with a group of friends for ten days. We did some sightseeing in Bangkok: the Grand Palace, Wat Pho and so on. Then we hit the beaches in Krabi for some sun, swimming and cocktails.

· My boyfriend and I went to Rome for a long weekend. We went on a walking tour of the center and the Vatican. Mostly, we went to restaurants and cafes and tried the local cuisine as much as we could.

Part 3:

How to describe where you went on vacation

Use 3 adjectives to describe the place where you went on vacation


  • I went to the countryside with my family for a couple of weeks. We stayed in a very picturesque, peaceful village surrounded by breath taking mountain scenery.
  • I went to Thailand with a group of friends for ten days. Bangkok is a very cosmopolitan place but it could be a little overwhelming because there was so much going on! Then we went to Krabi, which has some stunning beaches.
  • My girlfriend and I went to Rome for a long weekend. It’s a fascinating place but it’s quite touristy, too. The best thing was the food, which was out of this world.

Part 4:

How to describe what you liked or disliked about your vacation

  1. Giving positive and negative things/ Good or bad things about your vacation?
  2. Reason why?


  • I went to the countryside with my family for a couple of weeks. It was relaxing but by the end I was getting quite bored, because each day was pretty similar.
  • I went to Thailand with a group of friends for ten days. I loved Krabi, because it was like nowhere I’d ever been before. I wasn’t so keen on Bangkok. It’s a cool place but it’s a bit big and noisy for my tastes.
  • My girlfriend and I went to Rome for a long weekend. I think I liked the general atmosphere. Walking around the little streets in the center felt like being in an old film.
  • I went to Nha Trang with my family last week for 3 days and 2 nights. I really enjoyed my vacation a lot because the seafood was quite fresh and yummy, the beaches and the islands were so clean and beautiful, the people here were very friendly and hospitable and we played a lot of exciting games in Vinpearl land.

List of adjectives to describe places/ scenery/ landscapes

1. ancient /ˈeɪnʃənt/

2. beautiful

3. boring

4. charming /ˈtʃɑːrmɪŋ/

5. crowded /ˈkraʊdɪd/

6. expensive = costly # reasonable # cheap

7. inexpensive /ˌɪnɪkˈspensɪv/

8. famous

9. fantastic /fænˈtæstɪk/

10. fascinating /ˈfæsɪneɪtɪŋ/

11. huge /hjuːdʒ/

12. lively /ˈlaɪvli/

13. popular

14. picturesque /ˌpɪktʃəˈresk/

15. polluted

16. touristy /ˈtʊrɪsti/

17. touristic

18. natural

19. wild /waɪld/

20. romantic

21. lovely

22. wonderful

23. attractive /əˈtræktɪv/

24. breathtaking /ˈbreθteɪkɪŋ/

25. majestic /məˈdʒestɪk/

26. superb /suːˈpɜːrb/

27. pleasant /ˈpleznt/

28. mountainous /ˈmaʊntənəs/

29. stunning /ˈstʌnɪŋ/

30. impressive /ɪmˈpresɪv/

31. quiet /ˈkwaɪət/

32. remarkable /rɪˈmɑːrkəbl/

33. amazing

34. striking /ˈstraɪkɪŋ/

35. awesome /ˈɔːsəm/

36. splendid /ˈsplendɪd/

100 Most Common English Verbs List

No. Verb/ Simple Past

1 to be were/was

2 to have had

3 to do did

4 to say said

5 to go went

6 to get got

7 to make made

8 to know knew

9 to think thought

10 to take took

11 to see saw

12 to come came

13 to want wanted

14 to look looked

15 to use used

16 to find found

17 to give gave

18 to tell told

19 to work worked

20 to call called

21 to try tried

22 to ask asked

23 to need needed

24 to feel felt

25 to become became

26 to leave left

27 to put put

28 to mean meant

29 to keep kept

30 to let let

31 to begin began

32 to seem seemed

33 to help helped

34 to talk talked

35 to turn turned

36 to start started

37 to show showed

38 to hear heard

39 to play played

40 to run ran

41 to move moved

42 to like liked

43 to live lived

44 to believe believed

45 to hold held

46 to bring brought

47 to happen happened

48 to write wrote

49 to provide provided

50 to sit sat

51 to stand stood

52 to lose lost

53 to pay paid

54 to meet met

55 to include included

56 to continue continued

57 to set set

58 to learn learnt / learned

59 to change changed

60 to lead led

61 to understand understood

62 to watch watched

63 to follow followed

64 to stop stopped

65 to create created

66 to speak spoke

67 to read read

68 to allow allowed

69 to add added

70 to spend spent

71 to grow grew

72 to open opened

73 to walk walked

74 to win won

75 to offer offered

76 to remember remembered

77 to love loved

78 to consider considered

79 to appear appeared

80 to buy bought

81 to wait waited

82 to serve served

83 to die died

84 to send sent

85 to expect expected

86 to build built

87 to stay stayed

88 to fall fell

89 to cut cut

90 to reach reached

91 to kill killed

92 to remain remained

93 to suggest suggested

94 to raise raised

95 to pass passed

96 to sell sold

97 to require required

98 to report reported

99 to decide decided

100 to pull pulled

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