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Talking about Apps

Using Apps:

Download (v) /ˈdaʊnloʊd/ :
EX: I download a new game to my phone.

Install (v) /ɪnˈstɔːl/ :
EX: I need to install the latest update for this app.

Update (v, n) /ʌpˈdeɪt/ :
EX: The app has a new update with exciting features.

Uninstall (v) /ˌʌnɪnˈstɔːl/ :
EX: I uninstall the app because I didn't use it anymore.

Browse (v) /braʊz/ :
EX: I like to browse social media apps in my free time.

Search (v, n) /sɜːrtʃ/ :
EX: I use the search bar to find the information I needed.

Click (v) /klɪk/ :
EX: Click the icon to open the app.

Scroll (v) /skroʊl/ :
EX: I scroll through the list of options until I find what I want

Type (v) /taɪp/ :
EX: I type a message to my friend on the chat app.

Share (v) /ʃeər/ :
EX: I share a funny video with my friends on the social media app.

Post (v, n) /poʊst/ :
EX: She posted a photo of her vacation on her social media.

Comment (v, n) /ˈkɒment/ :
EX: I left a comment on my friend's post.

Like (v) /laɪk/ :
EX: I like the picture of the cute puppy.

Follow (v) /ˈfɒloʊ/ :
EX: I follow my favorite band on their music app.

Subscribe (v) /səbˈskraɪb/ :
EX: I subscribe to the streaming service to watch movies and TV shows.

Apps and Devices:

App (n) /æp/ :
EX: There are many different kinds of apps available for download.

Mobile phone (n) /ˈmoʊbaɪl foʊn/ :
EX: I use my mobile phone to call and text my friends.

Tablet (n) /ˈtæblət/ :
EX: My tablet is great for reading books and watching videos.

Smartwatch (n) /ˈsmɑːt wɒtʃ/ :
EX: My smartwatch tracks my steps and shows me notifications from my phone.

Laptop (n) /ˈlæpˌtɒp/ :
EX: I use my laptop for schoolwork and entertainment.

Desktop computer (n) /ˈdeskˌtɒp kəmˈpjuːtər/ :
EX: My dad uses a desktop computer for his work.

Social media app (n) /ˈsoʊʃəl ˈmiːdiə æp/ :
EX: Facebook and Instagram are popular social media apps.

Game app (n) /ɡeɪm æp/ :
EX: I enjoy playing puzzle games on my phone.

Educational app (n) /ˌedʒuˈkeɪʃənl æp/ :
EX: There are educational apps for learning languages, math, and science.

Music app (n) /ˈmjuːzɪk æp/ :
EX: Spotify and Apple Music are popular music apps.’

Navigation app (n) /ˌnævɪˈɡeɪʃən æp/ :
EX: Google Maps is a navigation app that provides directions and traffic information.

Fitness app (n) /ˈfɪtnəs æp/ :
EX: My fitness app tracks my runs and helps me stay motivated.

Productivity app (n) /ˌproʊˌdʌkˈtɪvəti æp/ :
EX: I use a productivity app to manage my to-do list and schedule.

Finance app (n) /ˈfaɪnæns æp/ :
EX: My bank has an app that lets me check my balance and pay bills.

Shopping app (n) /ˈʃɒpɪŋ æp/ :
EX: I like using shopping apps to compare prices and find deals.


Do you have a phone or tablet? 

What do you like to use your phone or tablet for? 

Do you play any games on your phone or tablet? 

Can you name any apps that you use for school? 

What is your favorite app and why? 

Are there any apps that you use to talk to your friends or family? 

Do you use any apps to listen to music or watch videos? 

Do you think apps make life easier? How? 

Benefits of Apps:

Convenient (adj) /kənˈviːniənt/ :
EX: Apps make it convenient to access information and services from anywhere.

Efficient (adj) /ɪˈfɪʃənt/ :
EX: Apps can help us be more efficient with our time and tasks.

Accessible (adj) /əkˈsesəbəl/ :
EX: Apps make information and services accessible to a wider range of people.

Educational (adj) /ˌedʒuˈkeɪʃənl/ :
EX: There are many educational apps that can help children learn new things.

Entertaining (adj) /ˌentərˈteɪnɪŋ/ :
EX: Apps can provide hours of entertainment through games, music, and videos.

Connecting (adj) /kəˈnektɪŋ/ :
EX: Social media apps help us connect with friends and family around the world.

Informative (adj) /ɪnˈfɔːrmətɪv/ :
EX: News apps keep us informed about current events.

Time-saving (adj) /ˈtaɪm ˌseɪvɪŋ/ :
EX: Apps can help us save time by automating tasks and providing quick access to information.

Motivating (adj) /ˈmoʊtɪˌveɪtɪŋ/ :
EX: Fitness apps can be motivating by tracking progress and setting goals.

Empowering (adj) /ɪmˈpaʊərɪŋ/ :
EX: Apps can empower people by giving them access to information and resources that were previously unavailable.

Harmful Effects of Apps:

Addictive (adj) /əˈdɪktɪv/ :
EX: Some games and social media apps can be addictive.

Distracting (adj) /dɪˈstræktɪŋ/ :
EX: It can be distracting to have notifications popping up on your phone all the time.

Time-consuming (adj) /ˈtaɪm kənˌsuːmɪŋ/ :
EX: Spending too much time on apps can take away from other activities.

Stressful (adj) /ˈstresfəl/ :
EX: The pressure to always be connected and available on social media can be stressful.

Isolating (adj) /ˈaɪsəˌleɪtɪŋ/ :
EX: Spending too much time on apps can lead to social isolation.

Unhealthy (adj) /ʌnˈhelθi/ :
EX: Sitting for long periods of time using apps can be unhealthy.

Cyberbullying (n) /ˈsaɪbərˌbʊliɪŋ/ :
EX: Cyberbullying can be a problem on social media and other online platforms.

Privacy concerns (n) /ˈpraɪvəsi kənˈsɜːrnz/ :
EX: Many apps collect user data, which raises privacy concerns.

Misinformation (n) /ˌmɪsɪnfərˈmeɪʃən/ :
EX: It is important to be aware of the spread of misinformation on social media and other apps.

Security risks (n) /sɪˈkjʊrəti rɪsks/ :
EX: Downloading apps from unknown sources can pose security risks to your device.

Questions about Apps:

What are some apps that you use every day?

How do you find new apps to download?

Have you ever uninstalled an app? Why?

Do you prefer using apps on your phone or tablet? Why?

What is your favorite social media app?

Do you play any games on your phone?

What kind of apps do you think are most useful?

Have you ever used a learning app?

Do you think it is important to update apps regularly? Why or why not?

How do you use apps to stay connected with friends and family?

What are some things you can do with a music app?

Do you think apps will change in the future?

Do you think people spend too much time on their phones?

What are some of the benefits of using educational apps?

What are some of the risks of sharing too much information on social media?

Do you think it's important to have a good balance between using apps and doing other activities?

Have you ever experienced any problems with apps, like glitches or crashes?

How do you keep your information private when using apps?

Do you use any apps to help you stay organized?