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Learning English Kids

 Part 1: Vocabularies

Vocabulary (noun):

EX: It's important to expand your vocabulary in English.

Grammar (noun):

EX: Proper grammar helps you speak correctly.

Pronunciation (noun):

EX: Her pronunciation of the word was perfect.

Fluent (adjective):

EX: She speaks English fluently.

Lesson (noun):

EX: Today's lesson was quite challenging.

Practice (verb):

EX: To become better, you should practice every day.

Conversation (noun):

EX: Joining English conversation clubs can improve your speaking skills.

Listening (noun):

EX: Listening to English songs helps with comprehension.

Reading (noun):

EX: Reading English books can expand your vocabulary.

Writing (noun):

EX: She has excellent writing skills.

Phrase (noun):

EX: "Break a leg" is an English phrase that means "Good luck."

Accent (noun):

EX: He has a British accent.

Dictionary (noun):

EX: I always keep a dictionary with me.

Native speaker (noun):

EX: It's beneficial to learn from a native speaker.

Idiom (noun):

EX: "Raining cats and dogs" is an idiom meaning it's raining heavily.

Study (verb):

EX: I study English for two hours every day.

Test (noun):

EX: We have an English test next week.

Mistake (noun):

EX: It's okay to make mistakes when learning.

Translate (verb):

EX: She can translate Spanish to English.

Tutor (noun):

EX: I hired a tutor to help me with English

Part 2: Grammar structures

  1. Do you know...?: Used to ask someone if they're familiar with something.

    1. EX: Do you know the idiom "bite the bullet"?

  2. I'm good at...: Used to express a strength or skill.

    1. EX: I'm good at writing essays.

  3. I need to...: Used to express a requirement or necessity.

    1. EX: I need to practice my pronunciation.

  4. I find... difficult: Used to express something that's hard for the speaker.

    1. EX: I find understanding different accents difficult.

  5. Have you ever...?: Used to ask someone about their experiences.

    1. EX: Have you ever spoken to a native speaker?

Part 3: Questions

  1. How often do you practice your English vocabulary?

  2. Which aspect of grammar do you find most challenging?

  3. How do you improve your pronunciation?

  4. Do you feel you are becoming fluent in English?

  5. What was the topic of your last English lesson?

  6. How often do you practice speaking English?

  7. With whom do you usually have conversations in English?

  8. What resources do you use for listening practice?

  9. Which English book are you currently reading?

  10. Do you keep a journal in writing in English?

  11. Can you give an example of an English phrase you learned recently?

  12. Which English accent do you find most challenging to understand?

  13. How often do you use a dictionary?

  14. Do you have a native speaker friend to practice English with?

  15. What's your favorite English idiom?

  16. How many hours a day do you study English?

  17. When is your next English test?

  18. Can you recall a recent mistake you made in English and learned from?

  19. Can you translate sentences from your native language to English?

  20. Have you ever had an English tutor?

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