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Talking about Lipscare


pigmentation removal on lips

bold lip color

lip treatment

natural lip color

How can I help you today
? do you want to get your eyebrows or lips done? 

Do you prefer a natural lip color or a bold lip color

Here are some photos of our clients had pigmentation removal on their lips


To achieve your desired lip color, we'll first need to address any lip pigmentation. 

 I think it’s not hurtful. 

Depending on the level of the lip pigmentation and your individual skin type, we may need to treat it once, twice, or even three times before we can apply the desired lip color

In the current condition of your lips, I believe one session of lip pigmentation removal should be good before we apply your chosen lip color. 

Your lips appear quite dark right now, so we'll need to neutralize that and bring them to a natural pink hue before applying your desired lip color. 

Your lips currently have some ink and pigmentation that needs to be cleared before we can apply your desired lip color. The number of ink removal sessions may vary depending on your skin's condition. 

Hang in there, you're almost there! Are you feeling any discomfort? 

How do you feel about your current lip color

This lip color would be a great fit for you

If you have some dark spots on your lips, please note that they can be improved but may not completely disappear after the lip procedure. 

Your lips have a darker outline and are lighter in the center. 

Let's start working on your lips color now. 

Please lie down, and I'll start the lip treatment while ensuring you're comfortable. 

We're also giving you this lip care kit to take home. 

You'll need to avoid drinking liquids for the first 12 hours and then follow the instructions in the lip care kit.

 After three days, your lips will start peeling. At this point, take care your lips carefully 

You should make lip care as a part of your routine to keep your lips soft and smooth. After the procedure, your lips might get quite dry, so moisturizing is important.

 Avoid coffee, as it can darken your lip color

Include fruits rich in vitamin C in your diet to help your lip color heal and look more vibrant. 

Given your youthful appearance, I believe this color will suit you well. It will make you look fresher, more attractive, and more energetic. 

I think this color will complement your age beautifully, making you appear more captivating and enhancing your overall facial features. 

your lips will stable for 2 months. After that, feel free to come back, and we'll touch up your lips.

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