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Talking about Movies - Kids


Movie (noun):

EX: We watched a great movie last night.

Actor (noun):

EX: My brother wants to become an actor.

Actress (noun):

EX: She admires the actress Emma Watson.

Director (noun):

EX: The director did a wonderful job on that film.

Scene (noun):

EX: I loved the final scene of the movie.

Script (noun):

EX: The movie's script was written by a famous author.

Cinema (noun):

EX: We're going to the cinema on Saturday.

Animation (noun):

EX: His favorite animation is "Toy Story."

Genre (noun) = kind

EX: What genre of movies do you like best?

Subtitle (noun):

EX: I need subtitles to understand the dialogue.

Soundtrack (noun):

EX: The soundtrack of the movie was very moving.

Cast (noun):

EX: The entire cast gave a stellar performance.

Review (noun):

EX: I always read reviews before watching a movie.

Ticket (noun):

EX: How much is a movie ticket at your local cinema?

Comedy (noun):

EX: I love watching comedies because they make me laugh.

Drama (noun):

EX: The drama movie brought tears to my eyes.

Horror (noun):

EX: I can't watch horror movies; they're too scary for me.

Character (noun):

EX: The main character was so relatable.

Plot (noun):

EX: The plot of the story was full of surprises.

Sequel (noun):

EX: They're making a sequel to that popular movie.

Part 2: Grammar structures

  • Do you like...?: Used to ask someone about their preferences.

    • EX: Do you like animation movies?

  • I prefer... to...: Used to express a preference between two things.

    • EX: I prefer comedies to dramas.

  • It's about...: Used to describe the main idea or theme.

    • EX: It's about a character who goes on an adventure.

  • I think... is...: Used to express an opinion about something.

    • EX: I think the plot is very engaging.

  • Have you seen...?: Used to ask someone if they've watched something.

    • EX: Have you seen the latest horror movie?

Part 3: Questions

  1. What's your favorite movie genre?

  2. Who is your favorite actor or actress? Why?

  3. Have you ever wanted to be a movie director?/

  4. How often do you go to the cinema?

  5. Do you enjoy watching animation movies?

  6. Do you watch movies with subtitles?

  7. Which movie soundtrack can you listen to on repeat?

  8. Do you read reviews before watching a movie?

  9. How much did you pay for your last ticket at the cinema?

  10. Recommend a comedy movie you recently enjoyed.

  11. What drama movie would you suggest for a movie night?

  12. Do you like horror movies? Why? or Why not?

  13. Who was the main character in the last film you watched?

  14. Did the plot of the last movie you saw surprise you?

  15. Do you watch movie trailers?

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