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Talking about Vacation - kid


Part 1: Vocabulary

Vacation Destinations:

  • Beach (n) /biːʧ/

    • Example: "We spent our vacation at the beach, building sandcastles."

  • Mountain (n) /ˈmaʊn.tən/

    • Example: "The family hiked up the mountain for a breathtaking view."

  • Countryside (n) /ˈkʌn.tri.saɪd/

    • Example: "The countryside is peaceful and perfect for a rural vacation."

  • City (n) /ˈsɪt.i/

    • Example: "We explored the bustling city and saw many landmarks."

  • Island (n) /ˈaɪ.lənd/

    • Example: "We went to a remote island for a secluded vacation."

  • Forest (n) /ˈfɔr.ɪst/

    • Example: "The dense forest is home to various wildlife."

  • Desert (n) 

    • Example: "The desert's vast sand dunes are awe-inspiring."

  • Theme Park (n) /θim pɑrk/

    • Example: "We had a blast at the theme park, riding roller coasters."

  • Campsite (n) /ˈkæmp.saɪt/

    • Example: "We set up our tents at the campsite for a nature-filled vacation."

  • Resort (n) /rɪˈzɔrt/

    • Example: "The beachfront resort offered a luxurious vacation experience."

  • Actions during Vacation:

    • Explore (v) /ɪkˈsplɔr/

      • Example: "We explored the ancient ruins during our vacation."

    • Relax (v) /rɪˈlæks/

      • Example: "Vacations are a time to relax and unwind."

    • swim (v) /swɪm/

      • Example: "We swam in the clear blue waters of the ocean."

    • Hike (v) /haɪk/

      • Example: "We hiked through the forest, following the trail."

    • Sightsee (v) /ˈsaɪ

      • Example: "We spent the day sightseeing and visiting museums."

    • Dine (v) /daɪn/

      • Example: "We dined at local restaurants to taste new cuisine."

    • Admire (v) /ədˈmaɪr/

      • Example: "We admired the beautiful architecture of the city."

    • Photograph (v) /ˈfoʊ.təˌɡræf/

      • Example: "We took photographs to capture the memories."

    • Sunbathe (v) /ˈsʌnˌbeɪð/

      • Example: "People sunbathe on the beach to get a tan."

    • Shop (v) /ʃɑp/

      • Example: "We shopped for souvenirs in the local markets."

    Feelings during Vacation:

    • Excitement (n) /ɪkˈsaɪt.mənt/

      • Example: "The excitement of going on vacation is hard to contain."

    • Happiness (n) /ˈhæp.i.nəs/

      • Example: "Vacations bring happiness and joy to our lives."

    • Peace (n) /piːs/

      • Example: "The tranquil countryside filled us with peace."

    • Adventure (n) /ædˈvɛn.tʃər/

      • Example: "Exploring the unknown is an adventure in itself."

    • Wonder (n) /ˈwʌn.dər/

      • Example: "The wonders of nature can leave you speechless."

    Part 2: Grammar Structures

    • Let's explore the city. (Suggesting an activity)

      • Example: "Let's explore the city and see its famous landmarks."

    • I want to relax on the beach. (Expressing a desire)

      • Example: "I want to relax on the beach and read a book."

    • We can swim in the pool. (Making a suggestion)

      • Example: "We can swim in the pool to cool off."

    • It's so peaceful here. (Describing the place)

      • Example: "It's so peaceful here; you can hear the birds."

    • Vacations bring happiness. (Stating a general fact)

      • Example: "Vacations bring happiness to people's lives."

    Part 3: Questions

    1. Have you ever been to the beach for a vacation?

    2. What do you like to do when you explore a new place?

    3. How do you feel when you relax on vacation?

    4. Can you swim in the ocean or a pool?

    5. Have you ever been on a hike during a vacation?

    6. What's your favorite way to sightsee in a city?

    7. Do you like to dine at local restaurants when you travel?

    8. What do you admire most when you visit a new place?

    9. Do you like to photograph the places you visit?

    10. Have you ever tried sunbathing on a beach?

    11. What kind of shopping do you like to do on vacation?

    12. How do you feel when you experience excitement on a trip?

    13. Does going on vacation bring you happiness?

    14. Have you ever experienced a sense of peace during a trip?

    15. What's the most memorable adventure you

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