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Talking about Pets - Kids

 Part 1: Vocabularies

  1. Elephant: Look at the elephant with its long trunk.

  1. Giraffe: The giraffe has a very long neck.

  1. Monkey: The monkey loves to eat bananas.

  1. Tiger: The tiger has beautiful stripes on its body.

  1. Parrot: The colorful parrot can mimic our words.

  1. Zebra: The zebra looks like a horse with stripes.

  1. Kangaroo: The kangaroo hops around with its baby in the pouch.

  1. Tortoise: The tortoise moves very slowly.

  1. Crocodile: Be careful near the crocodile because it has sharp teeth.

  1. Peacock: The peacock spreads its beautiful feathers.

  1. Penguin: Penguins love cold places and can slide on ice.

  1. Hippo: The hippo loves to stay in the water during the day.


  1. Snake: Some snakes are venomous, so be careful.

  1. Flamingo: The flamingo stands on one leg and is pink.

  1. Bear: The bear hibernates during winter.

  1. Lion: The lion is known as the king of the jungle.

  1. Rhino: The rhino has a big horn on its nose.

  1. Otter: The otter swims gracefully in the water.

  1. Leopard: The leopard climbs trees with ease.

  1. Koala: The koala is sleepy and loves to eat eucalyptus leaves.

Part 2: Grammar Structures

"There is/are..." to describe the existence of something.

  • E.g., There is an elephant near the water.

"Can you see the...?" to ask someone if they notice something.

  • E.g., Can you see the tiger behind the bushes?

"[Animal] likes/loves to..." to describe an animal's behavior or preference.

  • E.g., The monkey loves to swing on the branches.

"It's dangerous to..." to warn about something.

  • E.g., It's dangerous to get close to the crocodile.

 "Look at the...!" to draw someone's attention to something.

  • E.g., Look at the peacock dancing!

Part 3: Questions

  1. What color is the elephant?

  2. How tall do you think the giraffe is?

  3. What do monkeys love to eat?

  4. How can you differentiate a zebra from a horse?

  5. Why is the parrot so colorful?

  6. Where do penguins live?

  7. Why does the hippo stay in the water?

  8. Which animal is known as the king of the jungle?

  9. What is unique about the flamingo's color?

  10. How does a bear stay warm during the winter?

  11. Where does the kangaroo carry its baby?

  12. Which animal has a long trunk?

  13. Why do we need to be careful around snakes?

  14. Can the otter swim?

  15. What does the koala love to eat?

  16. Which animal is dangerous because of its sharp teeth?

  17. Do you think the lion has a loud roar?

  18. Why is the rhino often poached?

  19. Which animal can mimic human words?

  20. How does the leopard hunt its prey?

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