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Listening Practice: Survival English

Exercise 10: Talking to a landlady (17:41)

Mrs. Tiger's new lodger is asking what he is allowed to do. Listen to the conversation and make a cross (X) if it is not allowed and fill in the table below.

Exercise 13: Trip to Belfast (25:38)

Listen to the talk and fill in the missing information in the notes below:

Belfast is one of the (1)___ capital cities in the world and it has grown very fast. Today the city has a population of (2)___, nearly a third of the entire population of Northern Ireland, but in the 17th century it was only a (3)___. Then, during the 19th century, the development of industries like linen, rope-making, (4)___, tobacco and sea trade doubled the town size every ten years. The city is well known for (5)___. It was here that the "Titanic" was built and set out on her (6) ___ maiden voyage.

Plan for the trip to Belfast

Exercise 14: TV and radio (28: 23)

Listen to the talk and complete the notes below.

There are two main broadcasting companies in Britain. 

One is (1)___, the other is (2)___

National radio is controlled by the (3)___. There are four stations.

(8) The BBC has ___ TV channels. ___ has more serious programmes and news features.

(9) The IBA is responsible for looking after ___ independent TV companies.

(10) There is a break for advertisements about every ___ minutes.

(11) Channel 4 is an independent channel. It has more ___ programmes than the main channels.

(12) Many people think the programmes on British TV have a ___ standard, but some people ___ the amount of violence on TV.

Exercise 15: Sports (30:44)

Questions 1 - 10

Listen to the talk and fill in the missing information in the right places

Questions 11 - 16

Indicate whether the following statements are true or false by writing T for true and F for false in the boxes below.

11. All colleges have their own impressive sports facilities   T/F

12. The most popular outdoor sports are football and tennis   T/F

13. Motor racing is one of the most popular sports in Britain   T/F

14. "To play the game" means "That's not fair"   T/F

15. "That's not cricket" means "to be fair"   T/F

16. The most popular sport in Britain is football   T/F


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