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Talking about Flowers & Gardening in English!

 List of Flower Names

  • Daisy

  • Rose

  • Daffodil /ˈdæfədɪl/

  • Orchid /ˈɔːrkɪd/

  • Tulip

  • Sunflower

  • Carnation /kɑːrˈneɪʃn/

  • Poppy /ˈpɑːpi/

  • Pansy /ˈpænzi/

  • Violet /ˈvaɪələt/

  • Mimosa /mɪˈməʊsə/

  • Lily

  • Gladiolus /ˌɡlædiˈəʊləs/

  • Forget-me-not

  • Bougainvillea /ˌbuːɡənˈvɪliə/

  • Cactus flower /ˈkæktəs/

  • Camellia /kəˈmiːliə/

  • Cockscomb

  • Dahlia /ˈdɑːliə/

  • Gerbera / ˈgɜr bər ə/

  • Hibiscus /hɪˈbɪskəs/

  • Jasmine

  • Lavender

  • Lotus

  • Marigold

  • Orange rose

  • Peony /ˈpiːəni/

  • Tuberose

  • Apricot blossom

  • Cherry blossom

  • Moss rose

  • Shameplant

  • Hydrangea /haɪˈdreɪndʒə/

The meanings of the flowers

  • Daisy: Innocence and purity
  • Rose: Love
  • Orchid: Symbol of the exotic beauty
  • Tulip: A declaration of love.
  • Sunflower: Adoration and dedication.
  • Poppy: Represents remembrance
  • Pansy: Thoughtfulness and remembrance
  • Violet: Loyalty, devotion, faithfulness.
  • Daffodil: New beginnings
  • Lily: Purity, happiness, luck, and humility.
  • Gladiolus: Remembrance
  • Forget-me-not: Forget-me-nots ask that you forget-me-not
  • Cactus flower: Warmth and care, especially from a mother to a child
  • Camellia: Good luck gift for a man
  • Lavender: Admiration, solitude
  • Lotus: Purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth
  • Marigold: Cruelty, grief, jealousy
  • Peony: Shame, happy life, happy marriage

Warm up questions

1.Do you love flowers? Why?

No, I don't because ___

Yes, I really love flowers because ___
2. What is your favorite flower? Do you know the meaning of this flower? What does it mean?

My favorite flower is___

Yes, I know the meaning of this flower/ No, I don't know what it means

It means
3. Do you think flowers are important?

Yes, I think it's important because___

No, I don't think it's important because___
4. Do people in your country use flowers for special occasions?

Yes/ No
5. What are the occasions when people give or receive flowers?

Some special occasions when people give or receive flowers are:

Graduation ceremony


Valentine's Day


International Women's Day...
6. When was the last time you gave flowers to someone?

As I remember, the last time I gave flowers to someone was___
7. Do you have flowers planted outside your home?

Yes/ No (give more details)
8. Do you often have fresh flowers in your home?

Yes/ No (give more details)
9. Does your city have many flowers planted around town?

Yes/ No (give more details)
10. What flowers/ plants do you have in your yard or garden?

We have flowers like___

Veggies like___

Fruit trees like ___

Vocabularies about Gardening:

I. Kinds of gardens

Vegetable garden

Flower garden

Rose garden

Indoor garden

Succulent Garden

Back garden # Front garden

Botanical garden

Bottle garden

Plastic bottle garden

Butterfly garden

Cactus garden

Color garden

Hanging garden

Herb garden

Kitchen garden

Roof garden

Upside down garden

Vertical garden

Tire garden

Other vocabularies:

Plants grow

Bloom (verb)

Allergy (noun) /ˈælərdʒi/
Have allergy
I have an allergy to animal hair
Be allergic to /əˈlɜːrdʒɪk/
I love roses but unfortunately I'm allergic to them

Pollen (noun) /ˈpɑːlən/

Stem (noun) /stem/

Sharp thorn

Leaf - leaves

Root (noun)

Soil # Sand (noun)

Petals - Petal (noun) /ˈpetl/

Pick flowers


The little girl is picking the poppies in the garden
Vase /veɪz/ (noun)

Wilt /wɪlt/ (verb)

Water the plants

Lush garden /lʌʃ/

Flower pot

A bunch of flowers

Flower shop = Florist

Arrange the flowers

Bouquet (noun) /buˈkeɪ/

Flower garden = flower bed

Flower box

Wild flowers /waɪld/

Brighten up (verb)
Brighten up my days
Fragrance /ˈfreɪɡrəns/ (noun) - Fragrant (adjective)

Decorate (verb) /ˈdekəreɪt/ - Decoration (noun)

Landscaped garden /ˈlændskeɪp/

Bonsai (noun) /ˈbɑːnsaɪ/

Chemical fertilizers (noun) /ˈkemɪkl ˈfɜːrtəlaɪzər/

Gardener (noun)

Landscape architect

Edible plants/ flowers /ˈedəbl/


Some garden tools:


Gardening gloves



Hedge shears

Recycling bin

Garden hose


Watering can


Garden trowel /ˈtraʊəl/

Lawn mower


Fertilizer (chemical vs organic fertilizers)

Hoe /həʊ/









More questions:

  1. Are you allergic to flowers? What flowers are you allergic to?
  2. Where would you go to buy flowers?
  3. Do you prefer to give or receive flowers? Why?
  4. Do you have a garden at home?
  5. Do you like gardening?
  6. Can you describe your garden?
  7. Is your garden big or small?
  8. Do you plant any flowers or any fruit trees?
  9. Can you tell some names of the flowers, fruit trees in your garden?
  10. Do you often pick flowers from the garden?
  11. How much time do you spend in the garden?
  12. Do you think gardening is good for your health?
  13. What are some vegetables which you grow in your garden?
  14. What are names of common flowers in your country?
  15. Is there a flower store near your house?
  16. What are the some names of gardening tools?
  17. Would you prefer to have a flower garden or a vegetable garden? Why?
  18. What do you like best, a landscaped garden or the formal garden?
  19. Which do you prefer for your garden organic or chemical fertilizers?
  20. What is your national flower and do you have it in your garden?
  21. Is gardening a hobby for young or old people?
  22. Do you need a big garden to enjoy gardening, or can someone living in an apartment also do a bit of gardening?
  23. Do you think gardening is an expensive hobby?
  24. What garden tools do you often use for taking care of the garden?
  25. What do you think of the idea of everyone having a vegetable and herb garden to help the world’s food problems?
  26. Do you know anyone who is crazy about gardening?
  27. Would you like a job as a gardener, or as a landscape architect?
  28. Do you like walking around gardens?
  29. Do you think all schools should have a classroom garden and a kitchen garden?
  30. What dangers are involved with gardening?

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