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Talking about TV program in English!

Warm up questions:

1. What is your favorite TV show?

Why do you like it?

When is it on?

Does you mother/ father like it, too?

2. Will you watch TV tonight? If so, what will you watch?

3. How often do you watch TV?

4. What kind of TV shows do you dislike? Why? 

5. Do you like Super brain Vietnam/ Amazing Race/ Running Man/ Lightning Fast/ Road to Olympia Peak...?

6. Do you think it is good for children to watch TV?

7. What is your favorite channel? Why?

8. Do you think that TV is a good thing?

9. Do you have cable TV? What's your favorite program?

10. Do you prefer listening to the radio or watching TV?


Types of TV shows:


Sitcom (situation comedy)

Documentary /ˌdɑːkjuˈmentri/

Soap Opera


Travel/ Holiday

Kids/ Children


Comedy Drama

Teen Drama

Romantic drama

Family Drama

Medical Drama

Legal Drama

Crime Drama

Horror Drama

Historical Drama /hɪˈstɔːrɪkl/

Space Drama

Political drama /pəˈlɪtɪkl/

Musical Drama

Reality TV

Game show

Talk show

Variety shows

Sci-fi and fantasy

Anime /ˈænɪmeɪ/

Stand up comedy

Other vocabularies:


Rerun (n)


reruns of old TV shows



The play opens for a second season in London next week

Program (n)


My favorite news program is CNN



Cable TV

Channel /ˈtʃænl/ (n)


a music/sports/movie channel

Streaming (adj)


Internet video streaming has not replaced television.

Download /ˌdaʊnˈləʊd/ (v)


You can download the app for free

The show is on

On the air


The Simpsons has been on the air for over twenty years!

Audience /ˈɔːdiəns/ (n)


We encourage audience participation during our show.

Spectator /ˈspekteɪtər/ (n)


The new football stadium will hold 75 000 spectators.

Viewer /ˈvjuːər/ (n)


The average American TV viewer spends five hours a day watching the small screen

Hilarious /hɪˈleriəs/ (adj) Super funny


a hilarious joke/story

Action packed (adj)


We had an action-packed weekend

Suspenseful (adj)


a suspenseful thriller

Rating /ˈreɪtɪŋ/ (n)


‘The Big Bang Theory’ was the network show with the highest rating.

TV commercial

To send someone to sleep


“Most sports programs send me to sleep, but I quite enjoy watching tennis and volleyball.” 

To have a good laugh


“I love comedies – I always feel optimistic and happier after having a good laugh.”

 Tear-jerkers /ˈtɪr dʒɜːrkər/


“I love watching most types of films – even tear-jerkers.” 

Binge-watching /ˈbɪndʒ wɑːtʃɪŋ/ (n)


Sometimes nothing beats a night of binge watching on Netflix

Violence (n)

    Violent (adj)


domestic violence

Educational (adj)

    Education (n)

To get into


She really gets into Korean Drama, she watches it almost everyday.

I got into photography when I was a teenager

In the background


He prefers to remain in the background and let his assistant talk to the press

Put something on in the background


When cooking, I often put music on in the background

To feel guilty


I feel very guilty about watching drama all day at weekends

To get addicted to


Many young people really get addicted to playing video games

It's fun to


It's fun to read books and listen to music sometimes

To obsess /əbˈses/


He's obsessed by computers.

Go through phases


I went through a phase of being obsessed with superhero movies this summer.

At some point


At some point I decided she was no longer my friend

To get tired of


Sometimes I really get tired of those negative comments

Take a break


We should take a break between the classes

Broadcast TV = traditional TV

Streaming services

Old fashioned /ˌəʊld ˈfæʃnd/(adj)


old-fashioned clothes/styles/methods/equipment

Weird /wɪəd/ (adj)


I had a really weird dream last night

That makes sense


This sentence doesn't make sense

Make no sense

At a specific time = at a certain time

Skip the ad breaks


I always skip the ad breaks when watching youtube.

Ads = advert = advertisement




Plot (n) = Storyline

Predictable /prɪˈdɪktəbl/ (adj)


The ending of the book was entirely predictable

Go downhill


After my parents opened my report card and saw how bad my grades were, it all went downhill

Cliffhanger (n)


The first part of the serial ended with a real cliffhanger

To resolve


Attempts are being made to resolve the problem of security in schools

No spoilers!


Warning: this review contains spoilers

An ending 

A happy ending

A sad ending

To get distracted


It's very easy to get distracted when we work or study from home

Naked = nude /nuːd/ (adj)

Explicit scenes /ɪkˈsplɪsɪt/


I feel shy when watching explicit scenes on TV with my parents

Billboard (n)

Big name actors = in-demand actors


Nicolas Cage is one of the top 10 big name actors in Hollywood

Prevent someone from doing something


Nothing would prevent him from speaking out against injustice

To be a big sports/ music/ game show... fan


I'm a big game show fan!

or something


Her name is Mary or Margaret or something

It depends


‘Is he coming?’ ‘That depends. He may not have the time.’

Things like that

She likes nice clothes and things like that.

You know what?


You know what? I'm hungry

A (little) bit of everything


What do you do on the farm all day? 

A bit of everything, I guess. There's always something to do

Check it out


You wanna check it out?

Take a look


Let's take a look at this news, it's really shocking!

Some popular TV programs in Vietnam:

Lightning Fast (adults & kids)

Wanna date?

Thank god, you're here

Running man 

Superbrain Vietnam

Hidden Voices

Crack Them Up Vietnam

Amazing Race

The Voice (adults & kids)

The road to Olympia Peak

The face Vietnam

Next Top Model

Vietnam Idol

Phrases for talking about a TV show:

 “My favorite program is…”

“I love watching…” 

“I adore watching…” 

“I hate watching…” 

“I can’t bear/ stand watching…” 

“That program keeps me on the edge of my seat” 

“I can’t bear to miss an episode of…” 

“The special effects are…” 

Part 1: Talking about TV habits

Do you watch much TV? And how often do you watch TV?


I go through phases...

Sometimes I get really into a show...

I binge - watch a show over a few days...

I put something on in the background while i'm doing other things...

How much time do you spend on watching TV?

I spend...

most of my time

3 or 4 hours

only 30 minutes

...on watching TV

Who do you often watch TV with? And where?

I often watch TV alone/ with my husband/ wife/ the bedroom/ living room/ kitchen...

What TV program do you often watch?

I usually/ always/ sometimes watch...

What was the last show you really got into?

The last show I really got into was....

game show

talk show


Have you ever binge - watched a show? why?/why not?

Yes/ No

I used to, but now i'm too busy, I don't have time


Do you like to put TV on in the background when you're doing housework or working?

Yes/ No 

Not really

Why? or Why not?

How do you watch TV?/ Do you watch broadcast TV, streaming services or both?



Both of them


Which one is better? Why is it better?

Streaming services are better because....

Broadcast TV is better because...

Part 2: How to describe a TV show in more details:

Why do you like that program?

I like/ enjoy/ love it because:

  • It's so awesome
  • It's really great
  • It's amazing
  • That show is hilarious
  • It's super funny
  • It's fascinating
  • It's a really interesting show
  • It's interesting/ exciting/  fascinating
  • It's great fun 
  • It's uplifting

  • It's realistic
  • It's amazing 
  • It's addictive 
  • It's stimulating
  • It's thought-provoking

More details:

What kind of thing do you watch?

I mostly watch crime series

I watch a mix of documentaries and medical drama

I watch a bit of everything

What's it about?

It's about Sports/ Music/ Traveling/ Cooking...

Who's in it?

Many big name actors like...

My favorite actress...

Is it funny/original/ exciting/ boring/ tear-jerker...?

Yeah, it's kinda/ kind of/ really/ very/ quite...

Where's it on?

It's on HTV7/ VTV3...


I'm watching a game show called Lightning Fast . 

It's about solving tricky quizzes between 2 teams. 

They invite many celebrities like actors, actresses, models, singers and so on to attract the viewers.

This show is quite relaxing/entertaining and lots of fun. The team members have to be quite smart and very quick to give the correct answers to the MC's.

It's on HTV7 channel. But I never watch it on TV because I don't really know the schedule of this show, then I often watch it on Youtube or on Facebook or something when I have free time, it's more comfortable and convenient.

Part 3: Talk about a TV show you dislike:

Describing bad TV Shows

Why don't you like it?

I dislike it because it's:

  • Terrible
  • Lame
  • Awful
  • Boring
  • Frustrating
  • Mindless
  • Not funny 
  • Cheesy = Too emotional/ too fake 
  • Scary
  • Depressing 
  • Sad 
  • Unrealistic
  • Soppy /ˈsɑːpi/


“I think soaps are boring.”

“In my opinion, news and weather programs are usually depressing.” 

“I find wildlife documentaries totally thought-provoking. “ 

Other examples:

It went downhill in later seasons. 

Some storylines made no sense.  

Every episode finished with a cliffhanger. 

They had a lot of plot threads to resolve. 

No spoilers!

How to Talk About TV - a woman with a dislike face


In my opinion, there're some bad TV shows and one of them is The Face Vietnam or some Beauty Contests because I think there're some arranged results, the candidates are not really outstanding or talented and they don't have unique, gorgeous and naturally beautiful faces and bodies.They try to create as many dramas or scandals as they can to attract the viewers and audiences. Then the results are always disappointing/ frustrating, boring and argumentative.

More questions to practice:

1. Do you think TV is educational?

2. Do you think there is too much violence on TV?

3. What are the advantages of watching TV?

4. What are the disadvantages of watching TV?

5. What TV commercials do you like? Why do you like it? Which ones do you hate?

6. What is the purpose of advertising a product?

7. When you drive or walk, do you get distracted by advertisements on buses or billboards?

8. When you go food shopping, do you buy foods you've seen in TV commercials?

9. Do you think it's right to see naked women in TV commercials selling beauty products?

10. What types of TV program are there?

Which type do you like best?

11. When do you usually watch TV?

12. Do you think that TV makes people lazy?

13. Do you think too much time is spent watching TV?

14. Does TV make a person passive

15. Does TV take away a person's ability to think for himself or herself?

16. Do you think that TV prevents people from communicating?

17. What do you think of TV shows that are designed to "discover new talent?"

18. What do you think about reality shows? Would you participate in one if you were invited?

19. Which channel does your family like the best?

20. Do you like watching TV alone or with your family?

21. Who decides what to watch: the parent or the child?

22. Is television one of the best inventions of all times?

23. What do you think of the "rubbish" programs on TV which are only dedicate to gossip about famous people?

24. There is a famous English saying that goes "you are what you eat." Does this apply to television? Can the programs you watch affect your behavior?

25. What kind of entertainment do children like?

26. Do you think children watch too much TV these days?

27. Do you think there are any possible dangers to society from the material broadcast on TV channels?

28. How do you feel when watching explicit scenes on TV with your parents? How do your parents usually react?

29. Does violence on TV influence some young people to engage in violent behavior?

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