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Crossword about Jobs!


3. A person that works in a food outlet, looking after customers and serving food (male).

5. A person that designs building and houses.

7. A scientist who specializes in the study and treatment of the mind and behavior.

9. A person that defends people in court and gives legal advice.

11. A person that repairs machines, especially car motors.

15. A person that works with meat: cuts the meat and sell it in his shop.

16. A person whose job is to take in or give out money in a store, bank, etc.

19. A person whose main job is to prevent crime.

20. A person who can cut your hair or give it a new style.

23. A person that is at the entrance of a company/hotel.

25. A person that works with the money and accounts of a company.

27. The person with the most important position in a company.

28. A person that delivers mail to your house.

32. This person writes books or novels.

33. A person whose job is to give people advice about what to eat in order to be healthy and stay in a good shape.

34. A person whose job is to cut men's hair, beards and mustaches.

35. A person that makes new reports in writing or through television.

39. A person who has the job of designing things.

42. A person that passes knowledge to students, usually at school.

43. A person who develops solutions to technical problems. They sometimes design, build, or maintain engines, machines, structures or public works.

45. A person that works with flowers.

46. Someone who works in an office, writing letters, making phone calls, and arranging meetings for a person or for an organization.

47. A person that prepared food for others, often in a restaurant or café.

48. A person that can fix problems you have with your teeth.

49. Someone who takes care of your baby or child while you are out, usually by coming to your home, especially someone you pay to do this.


1. A person who teaches and trains an athlete or performer.

2. A person who serves drinks at a bar or restaurant.

4. A person that works with electric circuits.

6. A person (such as a director or producer) who makes movies.

7. A person who is trained to prepare and give out medicines in a hospital or shop.

8. A person that tidies an area or place (such as in an office).

10. A person that collects trash/rubbish from bins in the street.

11. A person who writes, sings, or plays music.

12. A person who works in an office, dealing with records or performing general office duties.

13. A person who studies the stars and the universe.

14. A person that puts out fires.

17. A doctor who performs operations that involve cutting into someone's body in order to repair or remove damaged or diseased parts.

18. A person you go to see when you are ill or have some type of health problem.

21. A woman flight attendant.

22. This person usually makes bread and cakes.

24. A person that repairs your water systems or pipes.

26. A person that makes clothes for others, many times producing exclusive items of clothing.

28. A person that takes photos.

29. A person that takes part in a play or a movie (male).

30. A person who flies a plane.

31. A person that makes things from wood including houses and furniture.

35. A qualified person that decides cases in a law court.

36. A person whose job is to arrange and manage funerals.

37. A person trained to help a doctor look after the sick or injured.

38. A person that saves lives where people swim (at a beach or swimming pool).

40. Someone who works on different projects with different companies instead of being a company employee.

41. A person who works for the army.

44. A person who is trained to give medical care and treatment to animals. 

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