Thứ Sáu, 7 tháng 5, 2021

Talking about Travel

Types of accommodation!

1/ hotel /hoʊˈtɛl/

2/ hostel /hɒstl/

3/ guest house /gest haʊs/

4/ resort /ri'zɔ:t/

5/ bnb - bed and breakfast

6/ homestay /ˈhoʊmsteɪ/

7/ condotel /ˈkɑːndoʊtel/

8/ apartment /əˈpɑrtmənt/

9/ villa /ˈvɪlə/

10/ motel /moʊˈtel/

11/ inn /ɪn/

12/ couch-surfing /kaʊtʃ ˈsɜːrfɪŋ /

13/ house sitting /haʊs ˈsɪtɪŋ /

14/ camper van /ˈkæmpər væn /

15/ camping /ˈkæmpɪŋ/

 Talking about travel & tourism!

    1/ Do you love traveling?
    2/ Why do you like traveling? Or why not?

    3/ How often do you travel?

    4/ How do you travel?

    5/ Where do you usually travel to?

    6/ Have you been to Mekong Delta?

    7/ Where have you been in Mekong Delta?

    8/ Where have you been in Vietnam?

    9/ What’s your favorite city?

    10/ Why do you like that city?

    11/ Have you ever been to another country?
    12/ Where have you been in Asia?

    13/ Have you ever been to Europe? Where?

    14/ Are you a solo traveler? a backpacker?

    15/ Are you a tourist?

    16/ Do you buy a tour? Where?

    17/ What kind of accommodation do you often book?

    18/ Why do you book that kind of accommodation?

    19/ Do you often check the information of the accommodation before you book? What information? (security/ price/ location/ facilities/ photos...)

    20/ Do you usually review or rate the accommodation after you check out?

    21/ Do you come back or recommend your friends/ family to stay at that accommodation?

    22/ What are the top attractions in Phan Thiet?

    23/ What are the top attractions in Mui Ne?

    24/ Have you ever been to Da Lat/ Nha Trang/ Sai Gon/ Ha Noi...?

    25/ How is the weather?

    26/ What clothes you often wear?

    27/ What food you often eat?

   28/ Are you a long term or short term traveler? How long?

Top tourist attractions in Phan Thiet -Mui Ne, Binh Thuan!

1/ Fairy stream

2/ Red sand dunes

3/ White sand dunes (lotus lake in the middle)
4/ Poshanu temple
5/ Mr. Dia Rock beach
6/ Fishing village/ Fisherman village/ Mui Ne harbour
7/ Wine castle
8/ Red canyon
9/ Doi Duong beach
10/ Phan Thiet water tower
11/ Phan Thiet local market
12/ Thuy Tu shrine
13/ Thanh Minh Tu temple

14/ Hoa Binh park

15/ Ta Cu mountain

16/ Ke Ga light house
17/ Sand Sculpture Park - Forgotten Land
18/ Fisherman show
19/ Duc Thanh school
20/ Ho Chi Minh museum
21/ Victory monument
22/ Mui Ne mud bath & spa center
23/ Phu Quy island


Thứ Năm, 15 tháng 4, 2021

Talking about Celebrities!


Celebrity/ celeb  /səˈlebrəti/ 


   He became a national celebrity when he was only 16 years old.

Superstar/ star


   Her ambition was always to become a movie star.

Idol /ˈaɪdəl/


   He has been my favourite idol since I was a child.

Icon /ˈaɪkɑːn/


   Victoria Beckham has been one of the country's best-loved fashion icons.

Public figure  /ˌpʌblɪk ˈfɪɡjʊr/


   If you are a public figure you can't afford to be too sensitive to criticism.

National treasure /ˌnæʃənəl ˈtreʒɚ/


   The veteran actress has become something of a national treasure.

Role model  /ˈroʊl ˌmɑːdəl/ - образец для подражания


   Sports stars are role models for thousands of youngsters.

Public image


   Her public image is very different from the real person.

Cover girl/ boy


   She was a top model and was chosen as a cover girl many times on a variety of fashion magazines.

All the rage = very popular - писк моды


   K-pop singers are all the rage nowadays, so pre-teens and teens closely follow their lives.

Well-known  /ˌwelˈnəʊn/ = famous


   G-Dragon is a well-known korean idol.

Charismatic  /ˌkerɪzˈmæt̬ɪk/


   Few of them were able to resist this charismatic leader.

Attractive /əˈtræktɪv/


   She's an attractive, intelligent woman.

Outstanding /ˌaʊtˈstændɪŋ/ - выдающийся


   I think he is an outstanding athlete and deserves to win this competition.

Notable /ˈnəʊtəbl/ = remarkable - выдающийся, примечательный


 Salvador Dali's mustache was his most notable feature.

Versatile /ˈvɜːrsətəl/ - разносторонний, универсальный


   He is sparkling and versatile in front of the camera.



   She was looking very glamorous.

Carefree /ˈkerfriː/


   I remember my carefree student days.

Miserable = unhappy = poor  /ˈmɪzɚəbəl/


   What a miserable existence! How could anyone live in such awful conditions?

Professionalism /prəˈfeʃənəlɪzəm/


   We were impressed with the professionalism of the staff.

Showbiz = show business /ˈʃoʊbɪz/


   That charity dinner was attended by a host of showbiz personalities.

Scandal /ˈskændəl/


   A drugs scandal can end any career immediately.

Boy/ girl band 


   He made his name in a famous boy band, before going on to a highly successful solo career.

Fan, anti-fan and non-fan


   Some anti-fans mentally attack their bias by leaving bad comments online while real fans try their best to support their idols. And only non-fans keep calm and never take part in such wars.

Fan club  /ˈfæn ˌklʌb/


   He has charmed most of them into membership of his fan club.

Fandom  /ˈfændəm/


   Harry Potter fans have joined with members of fandoms from other popular books.

Fansite /ˈfænsaɪt/


   I always download the songs of my favourite singer from her official fansite.

Fansign = fan meeting  /fæn saɪn/


   I dreamed of joining a fansign of my favourite boys band one day.

Fanbase /ˈfænbeɪs/


   The singer has a loyal fanbase in Europe.

Fanboy/ fangirl


   I was surprised to see so many fanboys at the concert of my favourite boy band.

To idolize /ˈaɪdəlaɪz/


   Her young fans idolize her.

Record label /ˈrekɚd ˌleɪbəl/


   She's signed a three-album deal with a new record label.

Paparazzi  /ˌpɑːpɑːˈrɑːtsi/


   Suzie enjoyed a cupcake, and all was photographed by the paparazzi.

To stalk /stɑːk/ => stalker (noun)


   Celebrities are often stalked by photographers and reporters.

To snapshot /ˈsnæp.ʃɑːt/


   In my opinion, it's awful to have your every move snapshotted by the paparazzi.

Candid pictures  /ˈkændɪd/


   In the morning newspaper she saw some candid pictures of her husband and an unknown young lady taken by the paparazzi.

Interview   /ˈɪnt̬ɚvjuː/


   I read an interesting interview with Brad Pitt yesterday.

Autograph = signature  /ˈɑːt̬əɡræf/


   He thought I was a famous actor and asked for my autograph.

Useful expressions:

To be a big fan of sb/sth


   I was a big fan of Britney Spears when I was a kid.

To be highly impressed by sb/sth


   I was highly impressed by her performance.

To cross paths with sb = to meet by accident


  If I could cross paths with my favorite idol, one of my dreams would come true.

To be on cloud nine = to be extremely happy


   He was on cloud nine after winning the competition.

To stand on the stage


   I was standing on the stage and was frightened so much. that couldn't pronounce evena single word.


To receive standing ovation


   Every night the show received standing ovations.

To rise to stardom


   The story of her rise to stardom was shown in a Hollywood movie.

What’s going on when the curtains close


   The life of celebrities looks glamorous and carefree, and we can only guess what’s going on when the curtains close.

To be under pressure


   Famous people are always under pressure of other people's words and expectations.


To make headlines  


    Her unexpected success has made headlines worldwide.

To gain a reputation


   As a singer, he gained a reputation for being talented and hardworking.

To endorse a brand


   Advertisements are the most effective when well-known celebrities endorse the brands.

To show off sb's status


   Some people are sure that celebrities choose famous brands of clothes and accessories only to show off their status.

One trick pony = one-hit wonder


   Mr. Bean is a famous comedian, but I think he's just a one trick pony.

Victim of someone’s own success


   As an idol, he became a victim of his own success without an opportunity to have a normal private life.

To hype smb up = feel very excited


   That fansign hyped me up because I had a chance to talk with my favourite idol.


  1. Do you like watching movies? 

  2. Who is your favourite actor/ actress?

  3. Do you like listening to music?

  4. Who is your favourite singer?

  5. Are international superstars popular in your country?

  6. Who is all the rage nowadays in your country?

  7. Who is your favourite celebrity?

  8. Do you follow his/her/ their social media?

  9. Who is a role model for you?

  10. How do celebrities influence their fans in your country?

  11. Are you a member of any fanclub?

  12. What do you think about fangirling/ fanboying? 

  13. Have you ever met a superstar in real life? If yes, what did you feel?

  14. If you cross paths with a celebrity what will you do? 

  15. Do you want to become an idol? Why or why not?

  16. What do you think about the life of a celebrity? Is it a fairytale or a nightmare? 

  17. What do you think about paparazzi?

  18. Should  we protect famous people’s privacy or not?

  19. Do you think public images of celebrities are differ from their real personalities? 

  20. How can celebrities affect the brand image that they advertise for?