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Talking about Daily Routines!

 Daily Activities

Wake up /weik ʌp /

Get up /get ʌp /

Read the newspaper /riːd ˈnuːzpeɪpər /

Use my phone

Surf the internet/facebook /sɜːrf/

Do morning exercise /ˈmɔːrnɪŋ ˈeksərsaɪz/

Work out /ˈwɜːrkaʊt/

Go to the gym

Do gym

Take a shower/ Take a bath

Brush my teeth /brʌʃ tiːθ /

Brush my hair/ comb my hair

Wash my face /wɑːʃ feɪs/

Wash my hands /wɑːʃ hænd/

Shave /ʃeɪv/

Get undressed /ʌnˈdrest/ # get dressed

Do my make up

Do my hair

Have/Eat breakfast /ˈbrekfəst/

Have brunch /brʌntʃ/ 

Have a cup of tea/ coffee/ milk

Have baguette and fried eggs / bæˈɡet fraɪd eɡz/

have noodles /ˈnuːdl/

have soup /suːp/

broken rice /ˈbroʊkən raɪs/

Read a book

Do homework /ˈhoʊmwɜːrk/

Ride a bike

Go to school

Take the bus to work

Take the bus to school

Drive to work/ school

Walk to work/school

Start work/school

Check emails /ˈiːmeɪl/

Talk on the phone

Have a meeting /ˈmiːtɪŋ/

Prepare documents and reports /prɪˈper ˈdɑːkjumənt rɪˈpɔːrt/

Finish work

Go/ get/ arrive home

Have lunch /lʌntʃ/

Cook my lunch

Have fried fish for my lunch

have fried chicken for my lunch

have beef

have veggies

Take a rest /rest/ = Take a nap /næp/ = Take a break /breɪk/

Go to the park

Watch T.V /wɑːtʃ/ 

Clean the house /kliːn haʊs /

Do/wash the dishes

Study /ˈstʌdi/

Go for a walk /wɔːk/

Take the dog for a walk

Play the guitar

Go shopping /ˈʃɑːpɪŋ/

Listen to music

Watch movies /wɑːtʃˈmuːvi/

Chat with my friends

Go to the coffeeshop

Eat out with my friends

Hang out/ go out /ˈhæŋ aʊt/

Go swimming

Go to bed

Connectors in Daily Routine

1/ first

2/ second

3/ then/

4/ after that

5/ later

6/ after school/ work/ dinner/ getting home/ taking a shower/ doing my homework/ i do exercises/ i cook my supper...

7/ before breakfast/ taking a nap...

8/ and

9/ or

10/ when

11/ as soon as

12/ for example/ for instance

13/ so on

14/ last but not least

15/ finally

Telling time in English!

What do you usually have for breakfast?

I usually have pho, or broken rice with pork chop & fried eggs, or sometimes baguette with fried eggs or sausages and coffee or mineral water for my breakfast.

***Some of the popular dishes for breakfast:

1/ broken rice with pork chop and fried eggs

2/ baguette and fried eggs

3/ sunny side up fried eggs

4/ pho

5/ beef noodle soup

6/ chicken noodle soup

7/ seafood noodle soup

8/ crab noodle soup

9/ seafood fried noodles

10/ instant noodles

11/ sticky rice

12/ steamed rolls with minced pork

13/ baguette & sausages

14/ baguette & ham

15/ sandwich

16/ omelette

***Drinks for breakfast:

1/ soy milk

2/ fresh milk

3/ orange juice

4/ sugar cane juice

5/ coffee

6/ fruit juice

7/ iced tea

8/ hot chocolate

9/ soda

10/ soft drinks (coke/ sprite...)

11/ mineral water /'minərəl/

12/ sparkling water /ˈspɑːrklɪŋ/

13/ milk tea = bubble tea

14/ hot tea

15/ lemon juice = lemonade

16/ yogurt

Topic: Daily Routines!

1/ What time do you usually wake up/ get up?

2/ What do you usually do after getting up?

3/ Do you often go running/ jogging in the morning?

Do you often work out or go to the gym after getting up?

How long do you work out?

4/ Do you often take a shower/ bath in the morning?

5/ Do you often do make up or your hair before you go to work?

6/ What time do you usually have breakfast?

7/ What do you usually have for your breakfast?

8/ What time do you go to work?/ go to school?

9/ How do you go to work?

10/ How long from home to work by (scooter/ taxi/ bus...)?

11/ What time do you often start work?

12/ What do you usually do at work?

(check & reply emails/ talk on the phone with my customers or business partners/ prepare documents or reports for my boss/ have a meeting with my team/ translate the documents from English into Vietnamese and so on...)

13/ What time do you usually have lunch?

14/ Do you cook your lunch? or do you eat out?

15/ Who do you usually have lunch with? and where?

16/ What do you usually have for lunch?

17/ Do you take a break/ rest/ nap? and how long?

18/ What time do you usually get back to work?

19/ What time do you often finish work?

20/ What time do you go/ get/ arrive home?

21/ Do you go to your English class after work?

22/ How often do you go to your English class?

23/ What time do you start & finish your English class?

24/ After your English class, what do you usually do?

25/ Do you often hang out/ go shopping/ go to the coffee shop/ go to the movie theater...?

26/ Do you often take a shower in the evening?

27/ What time do you have dinner?

28/ Do you eat dinner at home or eat out?

29/ What do you usually eat for dinner?

30/ After dinner, what do you usually do in the evening?

31/ Do you often do the housework?

32/ Do you often study/ watch TV/ listen to music/ surf the internet or facebook/ chat with your friends...?

33/ At the end of the day, what time do you usually go to bed?

34/ How about your weekends? Do you go swimming/ hiking...? or travel? go to the park? and so on.

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