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How to describe people in English!

Age /eɪdʒ/

  • Young /jʌŋ/

. Old /oʊld/

. middle-aged /ˌmɪdl ˈeɪdʒd/

  • In her/his early 20s (21-23)/mid 20s (24-26)/late 20s (27-29)
  • In her/his early 30s (31-33)/mid 30s (34-36)/late 30s (37-39)
  • teenager /ˈtiːneɪdʒər/ (13-19)

  • adult /əˈdʌlt/

Build /bɪld/

  • fit /fɪt/

  • skinny /ˈskɪni/

  • slim/slender/lean /slɪm/ /ˈslendər/ /liːn/

  • thin /θɪn/

  • well-built /ˌwel ˈbɪlt/

  • muscular /ˈmʌskjələr/

  • fat/plump/obese /fæt/ /plʌmp/ /oʊˈbiːs/

  • overweight /ˌoʊvərˈweɪt/

  • frail /freɪl/

  • chubby /ˈtʃʌbi/

  • stocky /ˈstɑːki/

Height /haɪt/

  • tall /tɔːl/

  • short /ʃɔːrt/

  • medium/average height /ˈmiːdiəm/ /ˈævərɪdʒ haɪt/
  • About... cm tall
  • Dwarf /dwɔːrf/

Face /feɪs/

  • Round /raʊnd/

  • Oval /ˈoʊvl/

  • Long /lɔːŋ/

  • Squared /skwerd/

  • high cheekbones /haɪ ˈtʃiːkboʊn /

  • high forehead /haɪˈfɔːrhed/


  • Long

  • Thick

  • brushy

  • thin


  • Dark

  • Large

  • Bright

  • Narrow

  • Small

  • Sparkling/twinkling


  • Long

  • straight

  • broken

  • hooked

  • flat

  • Pointed


  • Thin

  • Full

  • Large


  • dark

  • fair

  • Long # short

  • straight

  • wavy

  • curly

  • bald

  • Spiky

  • Blond hair

  • ginger hair

  • brown hair

  • dyed hair

  • Pony-tail

  • Plaits

  • Shoulder - length


  • Fair # dark

  • Tanned

  • Rosy

  • Pale

  • Light


  • Stutter /ˈstʌtər/ = Stammer /ˈstæmər/
  • deep voice /diːp/ /vɔɪs # squeaky /'skwi:ki/
  • Warm voice
  • Sweet voice
  • Soft voice


1. Subjects + to be (am/is/are)...


He’s 20 years old

She’s fit

2. Subjects + have/ has...


She has a medium height

He has an oval face

Practice! Practice! Practice

1/ Describe your mother/ father

2/ Describe your brother/ sister

3/ Describe your best friend/ close friend

4/ Describe your boyfriend/ girlfriend/ crush

5/ Describe your husband/ wife...


My mom is 60 years old. She’s middle aged. She’s about 158 cms, so she has a medium height. She weighs 60 kgs and she’s plumb.

She has light skin. She has long, black and wavy hair.

My mom is pretty. She has a long face, a high forehead, thin eyebrows, long eyelashes, big brown eyes, a straight nose, a large mouth, thin lips and small ears.

She has a loud and squeaky voice.

About her personalities, she’s very funny, impatient and kind.

She often wears jean or pants and T shirts or blouses, sandals or sometimes flip flop when she hangs out with her friends, but when she goes to a wedding party, she usually wears a dress, high heels and a hand bag or shoulder bag. About accessories, she wears a necklace, a bracelet, a ring. She does make up and her hair too.

About her hobbies, she likes cooking, traveling and gardening.

Describing people using Questions and Answers

I/ Personalities

  1. honest /ˈɑːnɪst/
  2. talkative
  3. quiet
  4. shy
  5. funny
  6. serious
  7. outgoing
  8. nice
  9. patient
  10. impatient = hot tempered
  11. confident
  12. strict
  13. easy going
  14. kind
  15. friendly

II/ Questions and Answers

1/ what’s she like?

she’s honest and patient

what’s he like?

he's funny and kind

2/ attractiveness

she’s cute/ pretty/ beautiful

he's handsome

3/ height

he’s short

he’s average height = he’s medium height

he’s tall

4/ weight

he’s thin

she’s slim

he’s average weight

he’s muscular

he’s a little heavy

5/ hair length

she has short hair

she has medium hair

she has long hair

6/ hair style

she has straight hair

she has wavy hair

she has curly hair

7/ hair color

she has blond hair

she has brown hair

she has red hair

she has grey hair

8/ others

he is bald

he has a moustache

he has a beard

9/ How old is he/ she?

He's in his early twenties

he’s in his mid twenties

hes’ in his late twenties

she's kind of young

she's kind of old

she’s around 20 years old

she’s around 30 years old

10/ What is he wearing?

he’s wearing a blue t shirt and blue jeans

a blouse

a skirt

a jacket

a sweater



a scarf


high heels

a dress

a suit

a jacket

a shirt

a neck tie

a belt



a t shirt




a uniform




a hat


a raincoat

example 1:

a/ What is she like?

she's outgoing

b/ What does she look like?

she’s pretty

she’s average height and slim

she has long straight, brown hair

c/ How old is she?

she’s in her mid-twenties

d/ What is she wearing?

she’s wearing a white blouse and grey skirt

example 2:

a/ What is he like?

He's honest and kind

b/ What does he look like?

He's handsome

He's tall and muscular

He's bald

c/ How old is he?

He's around 30 years old

d/ What is he wearing?

He's wearing a purple sweater, blue jeans and tan shoes.

example 3:

a/ What is she like?

She's shy

b/ What does she look like?

She's cute

She's short and slim

She has long, curly, brown hair

c/ How old is she?

She's kind of young

d/ What is she wearing?

She's wearing a blue school uniform

example 4:

a/ What is he like?

He's funny

b/ What does he look like?

He's cute

He's short and slim

He has short brown hair

c/ How old is he?

He's kind of young

d/ What is he wearing?

He's wearing a red t shirt, blue jeans and sneakers



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