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Talking about Family!

 Family and Relatives

Family and Relatives

I/ Family

1/father (dad/ daddy) ; mother (mom/ mommy); parents;

2/ son /sʌn/ ; daughter /ˈdɔːtər/ ; child /tʃaɪld/ - only child; children /ˈtʃɪldrən/ ;

3/ brother; sister; sibling /ˈsɪblɪŋ/

twin; twin brother; twin sister;

younger brother; older brother; elder brother; kid brother; little brother;

younger sister; older sister; elder sister; kid sister; little sister;

4/ to bring up children = to raise children;

5/ single parent; single mother (mom); single father (dad); single parent family

6/ grandfather = grandpa; grandmother = granny = grandma; grandparents;

7/ grandson; granddaughter; grandchild; grandchildren;

8/ great-grandfather; great-grandmother; great-grandchild;

II/ Adoption and related words

1/ adopted /əˈdɑːptɪd / son; adopted daughter; adopted child;

2/ stepfather; stepmother; stepbrother; stepsister; stepchild;

3/ half-brother ; half-sister

4/ foster family; foster father; foster mother; foster parents; foster home; foster son; foster daughter; foster child; foster brother; foster sister;

5/ to adopt a child; to foster a child;

an orphan (n) -> orphans; orphanage /ˈɔːrfənɪdʒ/

6/ godfather; godmother; godson; goddaughter

III/ Relatives

1/ uncle; aunt; nephew /ˈnefjuː/ ; niece

2/ cousin

3/ close relatives; distant /ˈdɪstənt/relatives;

4/ closest relatives = nearest relatives; my relatives /ˈrelətɪv/

5/ family members; members of the family; my family; immediate /ɪˈmiːdiət/ family

IV/ Relatives by marriage

1/ father-in-law; mother-in-law;

2/ son-in-law; daughter-in-law; brother-in-law; sister-in-law;

V/ Marital status and related words /ˈmærɪtl/

1/ single (adj)

married (adj)

engaged /ɪnˈɡeɪdʒd/ (adj)

separated /ˈsepəreɪtɪd/ (adj)

divorced /dɪˈvɔːrst/ (adj)

widowed /ˈwɪdoʊd/ (adj)

2/ to marry = to get married

to engage

to divorce

3/ husband; wife


ex-husband; ex-wife

4/ married couple = husband and wife;

5/ married man

unmarried man = bachelor /ˈbætʃələr/ ;

6/ married woman

unmarried woman

single mom # single dad

7/ widow


8/ fiance /ˌfiːɑːnˈseɪ/ ; fiancée /ˌfiːɑːnˈseɪ/

engagement /ɪnˈɡeɪdʒmənt/ ;

engagement ring;

9/ bride /braɪd/

bridegroom = groom

bridesmaid /ˈbraɪdzmeɪd/

best man

10/ wedding;

wedding ring;

wedding cake;


11/ girlfriend; boyfriend;

VI. More related words

1/ grow up

2/ take over family business

3/ nuclear family: mother, father & children # single parent family

4/ extended family /ɪkˈstendɪd/

5/ family background

6/ I live on my own = I stand on my own feet

Ex: When i’m 18, I will live my own (= I will stand on my own feet)

7/ take after = look like

Ex: I really take after my mother

8/ run in the family

All of her children are very artistic /ɑːrˈtɪstɪk/ . It must run in the family.

9/ bring up = raise

Bringing up/ raising children is never easy

10/ lose - lost

Ex: My father recently lost his job as a project manager.

11/ breadwinner /ˈbredwɪnər/

Ex: So, my mother is the main breadwinner now

12/ support my family

Ex: I need a job now, so i can support my family

13/ start a family = have children

Ex: I’m getting married next year and i hope to start a family straight away.

14/ family man - family woman

My father is really a family man

Talking about your family!

I/ Talking about/ introducing your immediate family

1/ How many people are there in your family?


There are 5 people in my family: my father, mother, brother, sister, and me.

2/ What kind of family do you have?

Nuclear family

Extended family

Single parent family

II/ Talking about the members in your immediate family:

1/ Talking about your parents?

What’s your father’s name?

How old is he?

What does he do?

Where does he work?

What does he look like?

What are his personalities or characters?

What does he do in his free time?/ hobbies...


My father’s name is John, he’s 50 years old. He’s a teacher of history. He teaches at Phan Boi Chau high school. He’s tall and thin, his face is square and his eyes are big and brown. He’s bald. He often wears pants, shirts, a watch when he go to the school. He rides an auto scooter and its about 5 minutes from home to work. He’s a hardworking, quiet and serious man, but sometimes he’s very humorous. He often makes everyone laugh. He likes playing chess, swimming and reading...

(Similarly, What’s your mother’s name? How old is she? What does she do? Where does she work? What does she look like? What are her personalities or characters? what does she do in his free time?/ hobbies)

2/ Talking about your siblings? (brothers/ sisters)

(What are their names? How old are they? What do they do for a living? Where do they work? Are they single/ married...?/ What does she look like? What are her personalities or characters? what does she do in his free time?/ hobbies)

3/ Are you the oldest/ middle/ second/ third/ youngest/ only child...among your brothers and sisters/ in your family?

I’m the second child in my family.

III/ Talking about your relationships with your parents/ siblings

1/ How is your relationship with your parents?

or Do you get along with your parents?

Good/ bad/ close/ far...

Never or usually talk/ share...

2/ How is your relationship with your siblings?

or Do you get along with your siblings?

Good/ bad/ close/ far...

Never or usually talk/ share...

3/ Do you share your personal secrets with your family?

Yes/ No? Why?/ Why not?

4/ When you have any problem/ something happy, who do you often speak/ talk to?

Yes/ No? Why?/ Why not?

5/ Do you often argue with your mother/ father/ siblings?

Yes/ No. Why?/ about what?

6/ Who are you closer, your father or your mother?

Mother/ father? Why?

7/ Does your family usually have lunch or dinner together?
Yes, we do. My mom/ dad always prepares/ cook delicious meals for us.

(What food your mom cook?

Do your family often eat out?

Do you prefer eating out or eating at home? why?)...

IV/ Talking more about other details:

1/ Does your family live in a house or an apartment?

We live in a big/ small house with a garden/ swimming pool... in the countryside/ big or small city/ city center/rural area/ urban area/ suburban area/ small town/ a village...

2/ Who is the breadwinner in your family?

Mom? Dad?...

3/ Do you stay with your parents?

Right now, no, but I used to.

Yes, but i will move out soon/ I will have my own house/ apartment soon.

4/ Do you often see your parents and your siblings?

Yes/ No and How often

5/ Do your parents let you stay out late?
Of course not. They always ask me to get home before 10 pm each night.

6/ Do you often travel with your family?

Yes/ No. How often? and where?


1/ apartment /əˈpɑːrtmənt/

2/ countryside /ˈkʌntrisaɪd/

3/ work at # work for (v) /wɜːrk/

4/ young - younger - youngest # old - older (= elder) - oldest

5/ sibling (n) /ˈsɪblɪŋ/

6/ among (prep.) /əˈmʌŋ/

7/ second child - first child - third child - youngest child - oldest child

8/ stay out late

9/ used to

10/ prepare (v) /prɪˈper/

11/ delicious /dɪˈlɪʃəs/ (adj) = yummy = tasty /ˈteɪsti/ = flavorful /ˈfleɪvərfʊl/

12/ personality

13/ character

14/ hobby -> hobbies

15/ in the countryside

16/ in rural area

17/ in urban area

18/ in suburban area

19/ village

20/ move out

21/ used to # get used to (be used to)

22/ prepare # repair

23/ immediate family # intended family

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