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Asking and Giving Directions!

 Directions to the popular places in Phan Thiet!

1/ post office

2/ supermarket - Coopmart/ Lotte mart

3/ coffee shop/ cafe

4/ Ho Chi Minh museum

5/ Thanh Minh Tu temple

6/ Doi Duong beach

7/ Phan Thiet local market

8/ Van Thuy Tu shrine

9/ Cinema/ movie theater - Lotte cinema

10/ Duc Thanh school

11/ bank - Vietinbank

12/ street seafood stores - along Caty river

13/ bus stop

14/ bus station

15/ train station

16/ gas/ petrol station

17/ Phan Thiet port/ Phu Hai harbour

18/ hospital

19/ clinic

20/ church

Asking and giving Directions in English!


  1. Excuse me, where is …, please?
  2. Excuse me, how can I get to…, please?
  3. Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to…, please?
  4. Excuse me, I’m looking for..., please?
  5. Excuse me, is there any... near here, please?


A - Useful phrases giving directions:

1/ Go straight

2/ Turn left

3/ Turn right

4/ Walk/go over the bridge

5/ Stop at the crossroads

6/ Go up (the hill)

Go down (the hill)

7/ It's in front of you

The hospital is in front of you

8/ It's opposite the bank

9/ It's at the corner

10/ It’s between

11/ It’s around the corner

12/ It’s behind

13/ It’s near

The fruit shop near the hotel

14/ It’s next to

15/ Go along / Walk along the street

16/ Take the first/second (street/turning) on your left

17/ Take the first/second (street/turning) on your right

18/ At the traffic light turn left/right

19/ "It's about five minutes from here."

20/ "It's easier if I can show you on the map..."

21/ Go across - "Go across the street."

22/ "You'll see / You'll come to a (bank). Then ..."

23/ "Don't take the first road."

24/ "Go on for about (2 minutes / 100 metres)."

25/ Go past

“go past the bank”

26/ Go through (the tunnel)

27/ Go out of

28/ turn back / go back

B - Landmarks

1/ taxi rank = taxi stand

2/ level crossing

3/ underpass

4/ overpass

5/ zebra crossing = pedestrian crossing /pi'destriən/

6/ tunnel

7/ junction # intersection 

3 way intersection/ T intersection

Y intersection

5 way intersection

9/ crossroads

10/ traffic lights

11/ turning

12/ main road

13/ lane

14/ roundabout

III/ More practice about asking and giving directions:

Example 1:

A: Excuse me, is there any post office near here? I would like to send some souvenirs and postcards to my family in the Philippines.

B: Yes. It’s about 10 minutes from here by scooter.

From Co Tu’s Homestay, you turn left.

Go straight about 500 meters. Then, you will see a traffic light - also 3 way intersection.

At the traffic light, you turn left into the main street. Go along the street about 2 kilometers. You will see a traffic light - also the crossroads. Then, turn left, go along the street about 500 meters, you can see another traffic light and the post office is at the corner of the traffic light, on your right.

A: Well, it’s quite easy. Thank you very much for your big help.

B: You’re welcome.


1/ Lotte cinema (on the 5th floor of Lotte mart)

2/ ATM (in front of Coopmart)

3/ Doi Duong beach

4/ KFC

5/ Bank - Vietinbank (opposite Coopmart)

6/ Phan Thiet local market

7/ Poshanu temple

8/ Mr. Dia Rock beach

9/ Wine castle

10/ Fairy stream...


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