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Learn English!

 How to learn English!

Warm up questions

  1. Do you like learning English? (Yes/ No)
  2. Why do you learn English? Because...
  3. Do you learn English in your free time? (Yes/ No)
  4. How often do you learn English?
  5. Where do you learn English?
  6. Do you learn English by yourself or with a group?
  7. How much time do you spend on learning English?(30 minutes/ 45 minutes/ 1 hour/ 2 hours everyday)
  8. Which skill are you bad at? Speaking? Listening? Writing or Reading? I’m bad at...
  9. Which skill are you good at? Speaking? Listening? Writing or Reading? I’m good at...
  10. How do you learn English? I learn English by...
  11. Do you often talk to the foreigners? (Yes/ No)
  12. Are you scared of the foreigners? Why? or Why not?

I. Vocabularies

Skill (noun) - speaking/ listening/ reading/ writing skills

Communicate (verb) - Communication skill/ speaking skill


Culture (noun) - Culture shock

Abroad (adverb)

Study abroad/ Work abroad/ Travel abroad

Language (noun)

Body language

Shy (adjective)

Foreigner (noun)

Understand (verb)

Confident (adjective)

Improve (verb)

Progress (noun)

Speaker(noun) - Native speaker - Non native speaker

Certificate (noun)

Course(noun) English course/ tennis course/ cooking course

Original (adjective)

Visitor (noun)

Idea (noun) - I have no idea = idk (I don’t know)

Conversation (noun)

Topic (noun) - daily topics

Difficult (adjective) # easy

Beginner (noun)

Scared (adjective) - Are you scared of snakes/ ghosts/ dark?

Memorize = remember(verb)

Example sentence

Short term goal # Long term goal

Focus on = concentrate on(verb)


Achieve(verb) - achieve your goals

English speaking environment

Study plan

Review (verb)



II. Phrases:

Learn new things

Learn a new language

Take an English course

Express one’s ideas

Make friends with someone

Follow one’s dream

Make mistakes

Correct one’s mistakes

The best way to learn English is...

Be + adjective

Be confident

Be active

Be smart

Don’t be + adjective

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Don’t be selfish

Don’t be silly

Surround yourself in English

Practice English everyday

Stick to the plan

Study by yourself

Study with a group

Ask someone for help - Ask my teacher/ classmates for help

Take a break

Get some fresh air

Stretch my legs

Look up a word in the dictionary

Build my vocabularies

Imitate the accents - British accent/ American accent

Don’t give up

Stay positive


How do you learn English


I learn English by

Watching movies/ films/ news/ youtube in English

Listening to English songs

Reading news in English

Reading books in English

Traveling abroad/ around the world

Joining English speaking clubs

Speaking by myself in front of the mirror

Talking to foreigners

Practicing with my classmates and my teacher of English

Guessing the meaning

Using English wherever I can

Keeping a diary

Posting/ writing on my Facebook in English

Singing Karaoke in English

Chatting with my friends in English

Recording my voice and listening to my pronunciation and intonation

Using an English dictionary (not Google translate)

Using cue cards

Using post-it notes

Learning slangs in English

Learning some English idioms

More questions about how to learn English:

1. If you live in another country, do you think how long you can get over the culture shock? (3 months?/ 6 months?/ 1 year or shorter?/ longer?)

2. Do you often use body language? What body language do you often use?

3. Do you learn English to get a certificate? What is it? or What are they?

4. Besides English, what other languages do you want to learn? Why?

5. Do you often start the conversation when you see foreigners? What topics do you often talk to them?

6. Do you think learning English is easy or difficult? why?

7. How do you memorize/ remember the vocabularies?

8. What skills do you focus on now? (speaking? listening? writing? reading?) why?

9. Do you have a good English speaking environment? Or do you try to practice your English as much as you can? (give examples)

10. Do you have any study plan? Can you tell me more details about your study plan?

11. Do you think pronunciation is important? why?

12. Is it easy or difficult for you to express your ideas in English? why?

13. Do you make friends with foreigners to practice your English?

14. Are you afraid of making mistakes? why?

15. Do your teachers often help you correct your mistakes?

16. In your opinion, what's the best way to learn English?

17. Do you often have short breaks when you study English by yourself?

18. Do you often use "google translate"? Do you think it's good or bad? What dictionary do you often use?

19. How do you build your vocabularies?

20. Do you often imitate the accents? what accent do you prefer? American or British?

21. Do you usually learn some slangs or idioms in English?

22. Do you often record your voice and listen to your pronunciation and intonation? or do you often speak by yourself in front of the mirror?


Student A: Do you like learning English?

Student B: Yes, I like it.

Student A: How often do you learn English?

Student B: Everyday

Student A: Wow, cool! Where do you learn English?

Student B: At school, at home and at Co Tu’s Homestay;)

Student A: Why do you learn English?

Student B: Because I want to have a good job in the future and travel around the world.

Student A: How do you learn English?

Student B: I learn English by watching movies in English, listening to English songs, using a lot of post it notes and practicing English with my classmates at Co Tu’s Homestay.

Student A: Oh, great!

Student B: How about you? Do you like learning English?

Student A: Yeah, I love it.

Student B: How often do you learn English?

Student A: 3 times a week

Student B: Do you learn English by yourself or with a group?

Student A: sometimes by myself and sometimes with a group

Student B: Why do you learn English?

Student A: Because I want to talk to foreigners, understand English songs and movies, travel abroad and have good salary.

Student B: How do you learn English?

Student A: I learn English by communicating with my classmates and teacher, chatting with my friends and relatives in English and joining some English speaking clubs too.

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