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Talking about Jewelry


Necklace - I bought a beautiful necklace for my sister's birthday.

- He gave her a diamond ring on their anniversary.

Bracelet - She always wears a silver bracelet on her wrist.

Earrings - Those gold earrings look lovely on you.

Brooch - My grandmother gave me a vintage brooch.

Locket - Inside the locket, there's a picture of her mother.

Diamond - Diamonds are often used in engagement rings.

Gold - Gold jewelry is very popular in many cultures.

Silver - I prefer silver jewelry because it's subtle.

Platinum - Platinum rings are both elegant and durable.

Pearl - She wore pearl earrings on her wedding day.

Bangle - She bought a set of bangles from India.

Charm - This bracelet has many charms, each representing a memory.

Pendant - The pendant on her necklace is shaped like a heart.

Chain - I need a new chain for my pendant.

Jeweler - We went to the jeweler to get her ring resized.

Setting - The setting of the diamond is very intricate.

Clasp - The clasp on this necklace is broken.

Stud - I prefer stud earrings over dangling ones.

Carat - The diamond is two carats.

Amethyst - Amethyst is a beautiful purple gemstone.

Ruby - A ruby is a red gemstone often associated with love.

Turquoise - Turquoise jewelry has a unique blue-green color.

Tarnish - Silver can tarnish if not stored properly.

Choker - The choker necklace sits tightly around the neck.

Tiara - The princess wore a tiara on her head.

Birthstone - My birthstone is garnet, which is for January.

Luster - Pearls are known for their luster.

Cabochon - This gemstone is cut as a cabochon, so it's smooth and not faceted.

Facet - The many facets of the diamond make it sparkle.

Beaded - This is a beaded bracelet, made with small glass beads.

Anklet - An anklet is worn around the ankle.

Heirloom - This ring is an heirloom, passed down through generations.

Part 2: Grammar structures

  • Structure: Do you have...?

    • Example: Do you have a necklace to match these earrings?

  • Structure: I'm looking for...

    • Example: I'm looking for a bracelet in gold.

  • Structure: It's made of...

    • Example: It's made of platinum.

  • Structure: I prefer...

    • Example: I prefer silver to gold.

  • Structure: Can I try...?

    • Example: Can I try this ruby ring?

  • Structure: How much is...?

    • Example: How much is this pendant?

  • Structure: That looks...

    • Example: That looks beautiful on you.

  • Structure: It's a bit...

    • Example: It's a bit tarnished, you might want to clean it.

  • Structure: I'd like to...

    • Example: I'd like to engrave this locket.

  • Structure: I need to...

  • Example: I need to replace the clasp on this bracelet.


  1. Do you wear jewelry?

  2. What's your favorite type of jewelry?

  3. Do you have a silver ring?

  4. Have you ever received jewelry as a gift?

  5. Do you prefer gold or silver?

  6. How often do you buy jewelry?

  7. Are you allergic to any type of metal?

  8. Do you have a favorite jewelry brand?

  9. Is there a family heirloom in the form of jewelry passed down to you?

  10. How do you store your jewelry?

  11. Have you ever lost an important piece of jewelry?

  12. Do you like wearing bracelets or bangles?

  13. What is the most expensive piece of jewelry you own?

  14. Have you ever had jewelry custom-made for you?

  15. Do you prefer earrings that dangle or studs?

  16. Would you wear a necklace with a pendant or without?

  17. Do you think jewelry enhances one's appearance?

  18. Have you ever gifted jewelry to someone?

  19. Do you own a jewelry set (earrings, necklace, and bracelet that match)?

  20. Do you clean your jewelry regularly?

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