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Talking about Restaurant - Kids


Menu (noun) - Thực đơn 

Example: "I'm going to choose a burger from the kids' menu."

Order (verb) - Đặt món 

Example: "Can I order a pizza, please?"

Table (noun) - Bàn 

Example: "Let's sit at the table near the window."

Plate (noun) - Đĩa 

Example: "My spaghetti is on the blue plate."

Fork (noun) - Nĩa 

Example: "Use your fork to eat the vegetables."

Spoon (noun) - Thìa 

Example: "Stir your soup with a spoon."

Cup (noun) - Cốc, ly 

Example: "I want some hot chocolate in my cup."

Drink (noun/verb) - Đồ uống / uống 

Example: "I'll have a lemonade to drink."

Straw (noun) - Ống hút 

Example: "I like using a straw to drink my milkshake."

Napkin (noun) - Khăn ăn 

Example: "Please pass me a napkin; I spilled some sauce."

Ketchup (noun) - Xốt cà chua 

Example: "I like to put ketchup on my french fries."

Dessert (noun) - Món tráng miệng 

Example: "The ice cream sundae is my favorite dessert."

Tip (noun) - Tiền boa 

Example: "We should leave a tip for the waiter."

Pay (verb) - Trả tiền 

Example: "Dad will pay for our meal."

Reservation (noun) - Đặt chỗ 

Example: "Mom made a reservation for us at the restaurant."

Cook (noun/verb) - Đầu bếp / nấu nướng

 Example: "The cook prepared delicious pasta for us."

Special (adjective) - Đặc biệt 

Example: "Today's special is grilled chicken with rice."

Service (noun) - Dịch vụ 

Example: "The restaurant has excellent service; they're very friendly."


  • When you go to a restaurant, how do you choose your food? Do you look at the menu?

  • Can you give me an example of something you might order from a menu?

  • What are some things you can eat with a fork?

  • Which utensil would you use to cut your food?

  • Can you tell me the names of three different things we use to eat?

  • What is a cup? What can you put in a cup?

  • When might you use a straw?

  • Who is a cook? What do they do?

  • Have you ever heard of a "special" at a restaurant? What is it?

  • What is "service" in a restaurant? Why is good service important?

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