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Talking about Party - Kids


Part 1: Vocabularies

  1. Party /ˈpɑrti/ - Example: "I'm going to a party on Saturday."

  1. Invitation /ˌɪnvɪˈteɪʃən/ - Example: "I received an invitation to the party."

  1. Cake /keɪk/ - Example: "The birthday cake was delicious."

  1. Balloons /bəˈluːnz/ - Example: "We decorated the room with colorful balloons."

  1. Music /ˈmjuːzɪk/ - Example: "The music at the party was great."

  1. Games /ɡeɪmz/ - Example: "We played fun games during the party."

  1. Presents /ˈprɛzənts/ - Example: "I got some wonderful presents at the party."

  1. Dancing /ˈdænsɪŋ/ - Example: "We had a lot of fun dancing at the party."

  1. Decorations /ˌdɛkəˈreɪʃənz/ - Example: "The decorations were festive and colorful."

  1. Food /fuːd/ - Example: "The party had lots of delicious food."

  1. Drinks /drɪŋks/ - Example: "There were various drinks at the party."

  1. Excitement /ɪkˈsaɪtmənt/ - Example: "There was a lot of excitement in the air."

 /ˈlæftər/ - Example: "The sound of laughter filled the room."


  1. Cut the cake and share it with everyone.

  1. Play musical chairs with your friends.

  1. Decorate the room with colorful balloons.

  1. Have a dance-off and show your best moves.

  1. Sing along to your favorite party songs

  1. Take photos to capture the fun moments.

  1. Blow out the candles on the birthday cake.

  1. Open the presents and see what's inside.

  1. Enjoy a delicious meal with your friends.

  1. Play games like charades or hide and seek.

  1. Create beautiful party invitations.

  1. Set up a table with snacks and drinks.

  1. Make a wish before you blow out the candles.

  1. Thank your friends for coming to the party.

  1. Exchange contact information to stay in touch.

How do you feel when attending a party ?

  1. Happy /ˈhæpi/ 

  1. Excited /ɪkˈsaɪtɪd/

  1. Joyful /ˈʤɔɪfəl/

  1. Energetic /ˌɛnərˈʤɛtɪk/

  1. Entertained /ˌɪntərˈteɪnd/

  1. Delighted /dɪˈlaɪtɪd/

  1. Thrilled /θrɪld/

  1. Amused /əˈmjuzd/

Part 2: Grammar Structures

  1. Simple Present Tense: We use the simple present tense to talk about actions that are happening now or habitual actions. For example, "We cut the cake and share it with everyone."

  2. Imperative Sentences: Use imperative sentences to give commands or suggestions. For example, "Blow out the candles on the birthday cake."

  3. Comparatives: Use comparatives to compare things or actions. For example, "The party was more exciting than I expected."

Part 3: Questions

  1. What's your favorite part of a party?

  2. Have you ever received an invitation to a special event?

  3. How do you decorate for a party at home?

  4. What kind of music do you like to have at a party?

  5. Which games do you enjoy playing at parties?

  6. Have you ever had a surprise party thrown for you?

  7. What's the most exciting party you've been to?

  8. Do you like to sing along to songs at parties?

  9. What are your favorite party decorations?

  10. What's the most delicious food you've had at a party?

  11. What's the best present you've ever received at a party?

  12. How do you make your party invitations more special?

  13. What kind of snacks and drinks do you have at parties?

  14. What's the most joyful party you've ever attended?

  15. Have you ever felt thrilled and excited at a party?

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