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Talking about Sports - kid


Part 1: Vocabulary

Names of Sports:

  • Soccer (n) /ˈsɑkər/

    • Example: "Soccer is a popular sport played with a round ball."

  • Basketball (n) /ˈbæs.kɪt.bɔl/

    • Example: "Basketball is a team sport played with a hoop and a ball."

  • Tennis (n) /ˈtɛn.ɪs/

    • Example: "Tennis is a racquet sport played on a rectangular court."

  • Swimming (n) /ˈswɪm.ɪŋ/

    • Example: "Swimming is a great way to stay fit and have fun in the water."

  • Gymnastics (n) /dʒɪmˈnæs.tɪks/

    • Example: "Gymnastics requires balance and flexibility."

  • Baseball (n) /ˈbeɪs.bɔl/

    • Example: "Baseball is a bat-and-ball game played on a diamond-shaped field."

  • Volleyball (n) /ˈvɑli.bɔl/

    • Example: "Volleyball is a team sport played with a net."

  • Hockey (n) /ˈhɑki/

    • Example: "Ice hockey is played on ice, while field hockey is played on grass."

  • Badminton (n) /ˈbæd.mɪn.tən/

    • Example: "Badminton is a fast-paced racket sport played with a


  • Athletics (n) /æθˈlɛtɪks/

    • Example: "Athletics includes various track and field events."

Sport Actions:

  • Run (v) /rʌn/

    • Example: "In soccer, players run across the field to score goals."

  • Swim (v) /swɪm/

    • Example: "Swimmers use various strokes to swim faster."

  • Shoot (v) /ʃut/

    • Example: "In basketball, players try to shoot the ball into the hoop."

  • Serve (v) /sɜrv/

    • Example: "In tennis, players serve the ball to start a point."

  • Dive (v) /daɪv/

    • Example: "Divers perform amazing dives from the diving board."

  • Hit (v) /hɪt/

    • Example: "In baseball, batters try to hit the pitched ball."

  • Skate (v) /skeɪt/

    • Example: "Ice hockey players skate on the ice to score goals."

  • Jump (v) /dʒʌmp/

    • Example: "Athletes jump over hurdles in the 110-meter hurdles event."

Benefits of Playing Sports:

  • Stay Healthy

    • Example: "Playing sports helps you stay healthy and fit."

  • Teamwork

    • Example: "Sports teach you how to work as a team and cooperate with others."

  • Improve Coordination

    • Example: "Sports can improve your coordination and balance."

  • Build Strength

    • Example: "Regular exercise in sports can help you build strength."

  • Boost Confidence

    • Example: "Scoring a goal can boost your confidence."

Part 2: Grammar Structures

Simple Communication Structures with Sports Vocabulary:

  1. Can you play soccer?

  • Example: "Can you play soccer with us at the park?"

  1. I love playing basketball because... 

  • Example: "I love playing basketball because it's so much fun."

  1. Let's have a tennis match!

  • Example: "Let's have a tennis match at the local court."

  1. Teamwork is important in sports. 

  • Example: "Teamwork is important in sports like basketball."

  1. Playing sports keeps you active.

  • Example: "Playing sports keeps you active and healthy."

Part 3: Questions

  1. Can you swim in a pool?

  2. Have you ever tried diving off a diving board?

  3. What's your favorite sport to watch on TV?

  4. Do you enjoy running on the track?

  5. Can you shoot a basketball into the hoop?

  6. Have you ever served in a game of tennis?

  7. What's the key to a good serve in tennis?

  8. Why do you like to play soccer?

  9. Have you ever learned how to skate on ice?

  10. What do you like about hockey?

  11. Can you hit a baseball with a bat?

  12. What's your favorite gymnastics routine?

  13. Do you know how to spike a volleyball?

  14. How do you feel after a jump in high jump?

  15. What's your favorite benefit of playing badminton?

  16. Have you ever participated in athletics events?

  17. Why is teamwork important in sports?

  18. Can you explain how playing sports helps build strength?

  19. How do sports help improve coordination?

  20. What's your favorite way to stay healthy through sports?

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