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Ielts Practice Part 2 & 3 - Mobile phone!

Part 2:

Describe an experience when you were not allowed to use a mobile phone

You should say:

What you did

When it was

Where it was

Why you were not allowed to use a mobile phone


to ban = to prohibit = to forbid = to disallow 

Conference (n)

to sit an exam


I'm sitting 3 more exams.

to take an exam


At the end of the year we take our exams.

cell phone use is banned

to interfere with equipment

to use the phone in an airplane mode


What did you do?

I was traveling by plane

I was at the concert/ movie theater/ meeting/ conference...

I was sitting an exam

I was visiting my friend at hospital

I had an excursion

I had a lesson (or a class)

When was it?

I don't remember exactly when this happened, but it seems to me it was...

As far as I remember it was...



just a while ago

a couple months ago

2 days/ weeks/ months/ years ago

just a couple of days/ weeks/ months ago

several days/ weeks/ months ago

last week/ month/ year

last weekend


a long time ago

a long while ago

Where was it?

at the theater

at the cinema/ movie theater

at school (college/ university)

at the IELTS test center

in a library

at hospital

at a museum

at an art gallery

on a plane during takeoff and landing

Why were you not allowed to use a mobile phone?

not to have an opportunity to cheat

because of my school policy

not to disturb people who were concentrating on what they were reading

not to annoy people around me

as the phone would have interfered with medical equipment

the signal of the phone interferes with navigation instruments, and can even cause a crash

the phone can cause instrument display malfunctions

because of its interference with ground networks

for safety reasons

Part 3:

1. Is it a waste of time to take pictures with mobile phones?

2. Do you often use a smartphone to take pictures?

3. What positive and negative effects do mobile phones have on friendship?

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