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 How to order coffee at a coffee shop!

Coffee vocabularies:

Milk foam

Steamed milk

A cup of coffee





Coffee bar

Coffee beans

Coffee bus

Coffee pack


Coffee spoon



Cupping coffee


Dessert coffee

Espresso machine

Coffee mug

Filter coffee


Iced coffee

Iced tea

Instant coffee

Internet cafe




Skinny coffee


Starter food

Coffee plantation



Black coffee # white coffee

Blend coffee

Brew coffee

Types of coffee



Latte (hot/ iced)

Espresso shots (1 shot/ 2 shots...)



Drip coffee/ filter coffee/ brewed coffee

Types of milk

Non fat milk

Low fat milk

Fat free milk

Soy milk

Almond milk

Rice milk

Coffee extras:

Caramel syrup

Chocolate syrup

Vanilla syrup


Shot of espresso

Whipped cream

Whipping cream

Choose your size:

Small/ tall (Starbucks)

Medium/ grande (Starbucks)

Large/ venti (Starbucks)

Extra large

How to order coffee

1/ Size

2/ Type of coffee

3/ Type of milk and extras

For example:

  1. Small cappucino with caramel syrup
  2. Medium mocha without cream
  3. Large iced latte, with low fat-milk
  4. Medium ice Americano

Placing your order


  1. May I take your order?
  2. What would you like?
  3. What can I get for you?
  4. What will you have?
  5. What can I help you?


Common ways to order what you want:

  1. I would like...
  2. I’ll have...
  3. Can I get...
  4. Do you have...?
  5. Can I have...?


  • I’ll have an Americano with vanilla syrup
  • Can I get a latte with extra cream, please?

More other Questions:

  • What size would/ do you like?
  • Is that for here, or to take away?
  • Will that be all?
  • Is that everything?
  • Would you like anything else?
  • How much is the total?
  • Do you have (free) wifi?
  • What’s the password (for the wifi)?
  • Where is the bathroom?

And answers

  • For here
  • To take away
  • To go
  • Here you are
  • Here you go
  • Your total is...

Short Conversations:

Conversation 1:

Barista: Hi, what would you like?

Customer: I’d like a latte please

Barista: Do you like hot or iced latte?

Customer: Iced latte please.

Barista: What size do you like?

Customer: Medium size please

Barista: What kind of milk do you like?

Customer: Non fat milk please

Barista: Do you like some cakes?

Customer: I’d like to have a ham and cheese croissant.

Barista: Yes, of course.

Barista: Do you like anything else?

Customer: I think that’s enough

Barista: Is that for here or to go?

Customer: To go please. How much is the total?

Barista: The total is 165 thousands dong. Do you like to pay by cash or card?

Customer: Card please. Here you go. Thank you very much

Barista: Thank you. Have a nice day.

Customer: You too! Ah, by the way. What is the wifi and password?

Barista: The wifi is Angel in US and the password is youarelovely

Customer: Wow, cool. Thank you.

Conversation 2:

Barista: Hello, how can I help you?

Customer: Can I have a bubble tea please?

Barista: What size do you like?

Customer: Large size please

Barista: How much sugar do you like?

Customer: 30% (thirty percents)

Barista: Do you like extra toppings?

Customer: What kind of toppings do you have?

Barista: We have red beans, matcha jelly and pudding.

Customer: Can I have red beans please?

Barista: Sure, anything else sir/ madam?

Customer: Do you have any cakes or bagels?

Barista: Yes, we have blueberry cheese cake, almond bagels and chocolate chip cookies.

Customer: I’d like a blueberry cheese cake.

Barista: Sure, will that be all?

Customer: Yes, that’s it.

Barista: Is that for here or to go?

Customer: For here please. How much is the total?

Barista: The total is 150 thousands dong. Do you like to pay by card or by cash?

Customer: By cash. Here you go

Barista: Here’s your change

Customer: Thanks. Keep your change

Barista: Thanks very much. Have a nice day!

Customer: You too.

Coffee menu - Good morning coffee shop!


  1. Espresso $3
  2. Latte (hot/ iced) $3.5
  3. Cappuchino $3.5
  4. Americano $3
  5. Vietnamese filter coffee (milk/ black) $3.5


  1. Strawberry $4.5
  2. Mango $4
  3. Coconut $4
  4. Avocado $4.5
  5. Kiwi $4.5


  1. Orange $5
  2. Carrot $4.5
  3. Apple $4.5
  4. Watermelon $4
  5. Blueberry $5.5


  1. Ginger $3.5
  2. Mint $3.5
  3. Jasmine $3.5
  4. Green $3.5
  5. Fruit $4.5

Cakes & Desserts

  1. Tiramisu $3.5
  2. Cheese cake $3.5
  3. Donuts (blueberry/ chocolate/ vanilla) $3
  4. Bagels (Plain/ almond/ cheese and ham) $4
  5. Croissant (Chocolate/ butter) $3.5

By Cô Tư's Homestay!

Food at the coffee shop!



Plain Bagel

Blueberry Bagel

Cheese, Onion & Garlic Bagel

Cinnamon Raisin Bagel

Avocado Spread

Cakes & Pies

Blueberry Oat Cake

Birthday Cake Pop

Chocolate Cake Pop

Classic Coffee Cake

Cookies & Brownies

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Double Chocolate Chunk Brownie


Almond Croissant

Butter Croissant

Cheese Danish

Chocolate Croissant

Ham & Cheese Croissant


Old-Fashioned Glazed Doughnut

Muffins & Breads

Morning Bun

Pumpkin Bread

Blueberry Muffin

Banana Nut Bread


Blueberry Scone

Petite Vanilla Bean Scone

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