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Banking Topic!

 Banking Vocabularies


  1. Account (noun) - A/c

2. To be broke (adj)

3. To borrow something from someone


When I’m broke, I often borrow money from my best friend

-> Borrower (noun)

4. To lend somebody something


My sister usually lends me good books

5. Lending rate

6. Credit card

7. Debit card

8. Cardholder

9. Internet banking = online banking

10. To save

-> Saver (noun)

11. Savings account

12. Branch

13. To open an account

14. To close my account

15. Fixed account /fɪkst əˈkaʊnt/= Deposit account (UK) = Savings account (US)

16. Current account (UK) = Checking account (US)

17. To withdraw

-> To make a withdrawal

18. To deposit /dɪˈpɑːzɪt/

-> To make a deposit

-> Depositor (noun)

19. Balance /ˈbæləns/ (noun)

20. To transfer

-> To make a transfer

21. Annual (adj) = yearly

22. Interest

-> Interest rate - Annual interest rate

23. Percent /pər ˈsent/

1.6 % - One point six percents

24. Passbook /ˈpæsbʊk/ = Bankbook = Deposit book

25. To fill in this form (UK) = to fill out this form (US)

26. Deposit form = deposit slip

27. Withdrawal form = withdrawal slip

28. Pay slip = Salary slip

29. Exhausted /ɪɡˈzɔːstɪd/ (adj) = empty

30. Bank statement /bæŋk ˈsteɪtmənt/

31. Account number

32. Check (US) = Cheque (UK) /tʃek/

33. To sign your name

34. At present = now

35. Different (adj) - difference (noun)

36. To advise /ədˈvaɪz/ - Advice /ədˈvaɪs/ (noun)

37. Deposit certificate /sərˈtɪfɪkət/ (min: 3 months - max: 5 years)

38. Individual /ˌɪndɪˈvɪdʒuəl/ (noun)

39. To present

40. Convenient (adj)

41. To handle

42. To set up an account

43. To make sure

At the bank Conversations

Part 1: Requests & questions at the bank

I’d like to...

open an account

open a fixed account

close my account

withdraw 3 million VND

know how to open a checking savings account

I want to...

set up an account

deposit 5 million into my account

know my balance

open a current account. Could you give me some information?

I need a checking account so that I can pay my bill

I need to make a withdrawal

Can I...

open a current account here?

close my savings account?

deposit $300 into my checking account?

Customers’ requests:

1/ Please tell me what the annual interest rate is

What is the annual interest rate?

2/ Is there any minimum for the first deposit?

Tellers’ questions/ requests:

What kind of account do you prefer?

Do you want to make a deposit or make a withdrawal?

How much do you want to deposit with us?

Please fill in this form first

Please fill in this slip

Please enter the password

Here is your passbook

Your deposit is exhausted

Fill out a withdrawal form, please

Please write your account number on the back of the cheque

Just sign your name in it

If you open a current account you may withdraw the money at any time

Part 2: Conversations

1. How to open/ set up an account Conversations

Conversation 1

A: Good morning, madam. What can I do for you?

B: I want to deposit one hundred million in your bank

A: What kind of account do you want, checking account or savings account?

B: I’m not sure. Please tell me the interest rates?

A: No problem. For a checking account, the rate is 1% for one year. But for a savings account, it’s 1.6% per year at present

B: Oh, they’re quite different. I’d like to have a savings account

A: Here’s your bankbook. The interest is added to your account every year

B: Thanks for your help

A: It’s my pleasure

Conversation 2

A: Good afternoon, sir. How can I help you?

B: Good afternoon. I’d like to open an account

A: Yes, sir. What kind of account, a savings account or a checking account?

B: A savings account, please. What interest rates do you pay on savings account?

A: We pay two and a half percent per annual

B: That’s not too bad. So I want to deposit 1,000 dollars in a savings account

A: Very well, sir. Will you please fill out the deposit slip first?

B: Certainly. Here you are

A: And your money, sir

B: Ok. It’s very kind of you.

A: Here is your bankbook

B: Thanks a lot

A: You are welcome

2. How to make a deposit Conversations

Conversation 1:

A: How are you doing?

B: Great.

A: What can I do for you today?

B: I would like to deposit some money.

A: Do you deposit cash or a check?

B: I want to deposit cash.

A: How much do you want to deposit?

B: I would like to deposit $300.

A: What account do you want to deposit your money into?

B: I want to deposit money into my checking account.

A: Do you need anything else?

B: No. That's all. Thank you.

Conversation 2:

A: How are you?

B: I'm fantastic!

A: How can I help you?

B: I want to make a deposit.

A: Cash or check?

B: Cash please

A: How much do you want to deposit?

B: I need to deposit $300.

A: What account will you be depositing this money into?

B: Deposit it into my checking account.

A: What else can I do for you today?

B: That's all I need today. Thanks.

3. How to make a withdrawal Conversations

Conversation 1

A: How are you doing today?

B: Great. Thank you.

A: What can I do for you?

B: I need to withdraw some money.

A: How much would you like to take out?

B: I need to withdraw $300.

A: Which account would you like to take the money from?

B: I want to take it from my checking account.

A: Here you go.

B: Thank you very much.

A: Can I do anything else for you?

B: No. That'll all.

Conversation 2

A: How are you?

B: I'm fabulous.

A: What can I help you with?

B: I need to make a withdrawal.

A: How much do you want to withdraw today?

B: I need $300.

A: What account would you like to take this money from?

B: Take it from my checking account.

A: Here's your $300.

B: Thank you so much.

A: Do you want anything else?

B: That's it for today.

4. How to cancel/ close an account Conversations

Conversation 1

A: Good afternoon, how can I help you?

B: I need to cancel one of my accounts.

A: Is there a problem with it?

B: I don't need it anymore.

A: What would you like to do with all the money in this account?

B: Just transfer it over to my remaining account.

A: I can do that.

B: That would be great.

A: Do you want to take any money out?

B: Not today.

A: It's going to take a moment for me to cancel your account.

B: That's fine. Take your time.

Conversation 2

A: What can I do for you?

B: I would like to cancel one of my accounts.

A: Is there a problem with your account?

B: I only need one.

A: What about all your money in that account?

B: Could you please transfer that money to my remaining account?

A: That's fine.

B: I appreciate it.

A: Would you like to make a withdrawal?

B: That's all for today.

A: I'll just cancel your account right now.

B: I greatly appreciate your help.

5. How to use the ATM conversations

Conversation 1

A: I have to use the ATM.

B: Is there a problem?

A: I don't know how to use it.

B: What are you talking about?

A: I have never used an ATM before.

B: I can show you how to use it.

A: How do I use it?

B: You need to push your card into the machine.

A: What's next?

B: Enter your PIN.

A: What else do I have to do?

B: Every option you can choose will appear on the screen. That's about it.

Conversation 2

A: I need to go to the ATM.

B: So, why don't you?

A: I have no idea how to use the ATM.

B: What do you mean?

A: This is my first time using an ATM.

B: I can help you with that.

A: Explain to me how to use it.

B: Just put your card into the machine.

A: Now what do I do?

B: Then you need to type in your PIN.

A: Now what?

B: Just click on one of the choices they give you, and that's it.

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