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Talking about Music - Kids


Music - Âm nhạc 

Example: I love listening to music when I'm drawing.

Song - Bài hát 

Example: My favorite song is about friendship.

Instrument - Nhạc cụ 

Example: The violin is a beautiful instrument.

Guitar - Đàn guitar 

Example: My brother is learning to play the guitar.

Piano - Đàn piano 

Example: I practice playing the piano every day.

Drums - Trống 

Example: The drummer keeps the beat in the band.

Singer - Ca sĩ 

Example: The singer's voice is so powerful.

Dance - Nhảy múa 

Example: We had a dance party with our friends.

Melody - Giai điệu 

Example: The melody of the song is catchy.

Rhythm - Nhịp điệu 

Example: I like to dance to the rhythm of the music.

Concert - Buổi hòa nhạc 

Example: We went to a concert and had so much fun.

Band - Ban nhạc 

Example: My cousin plays in a rock band.

Audience - Khán giả 

Example: The audience clapped and cheered after the performance.

Stage - Sân khấu 

Example: The singers stood on the stage and sang.

Performance - Buổi biểu diễn 

Example: Their performance was amazing!

Album - Album nhạc 

Example: I got a new album from my favorite artist.

Lyrics - Lời bài hát 

Example: I like singing along to the lyrics of my favorite songs.

Beat - Nhịp đập 

Example: The beat of the song makes me want to dance.

Tune - Bản nhạc 

Example: The tune of this song is so cheerful.


What do you like about music?

Do you listen to music every day?

Can you sing your favorite song?

Have you ever played a musical instrument?

Would you like to learn how to play the guitar?

Have you ever played the piano?

Do you think playing the piano is easy or hard?

Can you name a famous singer you know?

Have you ever been on a stage?

Have you ever been in a performance?

Do you like singing along to song lyrics?

What is the beat of a song?

Can you recognize the tune of your favorite song?

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