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Talking about Family - Kids


  1. Father: My father works in the city.

  1. Mother: My mother cooks delicious meals.

  1. Brother: My brother plays football.

  1. Sister: My sister loves to read books.

  1. Grandfather: My grandfather tells me old stories.

  1. Grandmother: My grandmother bakes the best cakes.

  1. Uncle: My uncle lives overseas.

  1. Aunt: My aunt has a pet cat.

  1. Cousin: I play video games with my cousin.

  1. Nephew: My nephew is only two years old.

  1. Niece: My niece dances ballet.

  1. Husband: She introduced her husband at the party.


  1. Wife: His wife is a teacher.

  1. Son: Their son is starting school this year.

  1. Daughter: Their daughter plays the piano.

  1. Relatives: We have many relatives in the countryside.

  1. Siblings: I have two siblings: one brother and one sister.

  1. Twins: Those twins look exactly alike.

  1. Stepfather: Her stepfather treats her like his own child.

  1. Stepmother: His stepmother is very kind to him.

Part 2: Grammar Structures

"My [family member] is/does..." to describe a family member.

  • E.g., My brother is studying in college.

"I have [number] [family member]" to indicate the number of particular family members.

  • E.g., I have two sisters.

"[Family member]'s [noun]" to show possession.

  • E.g., That's my father's car.

"[Family member] and I..." to include oneself with the family member.

  • E.g., My cousin and I went to the movies.

"Is this your [family member]?" to inquire about a relationship.

  • E.g., Is this your niece?

Part 3: Questions

  1. Who is your father?

  2. What does your mother do for a living?

  3. Do you have a brother or a sister?

  4. How often do you visit your grandparents?

  5. What is your uncle's name?

  6. Does your aunt have any children?

  7. How old is your cousin?

  8. Do you have a nephew or a niece?

  9. Where does your husband work?

  10. What hobbies does your wife have?

  11. How many relatives are you close to?

  12. Do you and your siblings get along well?

  13. Are there twins in your family?

  14. Who is your stepfather's biological child?

  15. How do you feel about your stepmother?

  16. Who takes care of the children, the father or the mother?

  17. Which sibling is the oldest in your family?

  18. What is your grandfather's favorite pastime?

  19. Does your daughter have any musical talents?

  20. How often do you gather with your relatives?

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