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Talking about Christmas!

Warm up questions:

  1. When is Christmas?
  2. Do you celebrate Christmas?
  3. Do you enjoy Christmas time?
  4. Do you have a Christmas tree? 
  5. Do you exchange gifts with your friends or family?
  6. Do you know any Christmas song? 
  7. What is your favorite Christmas song?
  8. Do you often travel on Christmas day? Where?
  9. Do you often have a Xmas party at home?
  10. What clothes do you often wear on Christmas day?


Christmas = Xmas

Christmas Eve

Christmas greeting cards

Christmas gifts = presents

Christmas wishes:

  • Merry Christmas!
  • Happy Christmas
  • Happy New Year!
  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  • Wishing you a prosperous New Year
  • All the best for the coming year
  • Wishing you peace and joy!

  • Christian ## non-Christian   /ˈkrɪstiən/


    Christmas is a Christian holiday honoring the birth of Jesus Christ, son of God, but it is celebrated by many non-Christians around the world too.

    Jesus Christ /ˌdʒiː.zəs ˈkraɪst/

    Mary = the Mother of Jesus

    Joseph = the Husband of Mary

    Santa Claus = Father Christmas

    Monk /mʌŋk/ ## nun


    Reindeer /ˈreɪndɪr/


    Santa’s magic reindeer pull his sleigh on Christmas Eve so he can deliver presents to all the good children throughout the world.

    Sleigh /sleɪ/

    Elf - Santa's elves

    Gingerbread man /ˈdʒɪn·dʒərˌbred/


    Evans was just sitting there rocking and singing a song about the gingerbread man.

    Snowman /ˈsnoʊ.mæn/


    He looked like the snowman from Frozen.



    While watching old Christmas videos, Kate notices a strange arm appear out of the fireplace. 

    Chimney /ˈtʃɪmni/


    Santa enters each home through the chimney, which is why empty Christmas stockings are hung there in hopes that he soon would fill them with presents.

    “naughty list” ## “nice list”


    Santa Claus keeps a “naughty list” and a “nice list” to decide who deserves gifts on Christmas morning, and parents often use these lists to ensure their children are on their best behavior.

    Lure /lʊr/


    the lure of fame/power/money

    Christmas tree


    Santa Claus leaves presents under the Christmas tree for everyone who is in his list.

    Artificial tree /ˌɑːrt̬əˈfɪʃəl/


    The first artificial Christmas trees were developed in Germany during the 19th century, though earlier examples exist.

    Pine tree /paɪn/


    My Dad bought a small pine tree and brought it home to decorate for Christmas.

    Fir tree /ˈfɝː/


    I don't really like artificial Christmas trees, because they don't have that charming fresh smell as a real fir tree.

    Foods on Xmas day:


    Cold meat


    Pig in blankets

    Roast chicken/ duck

    Roast beef

    Roast ham

    Smoked salmon




    Roast broccoli

    Yorkshire pudding

    Cranberry sauce

    Redcurrant jelly

    Bread sauce

    Roasted potatoes

    Boiled/ mashed potatoes

    Brussel sprout






    Christmas cake

    Christmas pudding

    Egg nog




    The church bells rang out to welcome in the New Year.

    Candle /ˈkændəl/


    The people of this world are like the butterflies in front of a candle's flame.

    Candy cane /kændi  keɪn/

    Stocking /ˈstɑkɪŋ/


    Stockings can be filled with candy canes and other treats or small toys.

    Bow /baʊ/


    The present was decorated with a large pretty bow.

    Ribbon  /ˈrɪbən/


    He tied up the present with a bright red ribbon.

    Wreath /riːθ/


    Almost everywhere I could see Christmas wreaths hanging on the front doors.

    Garland /ˈɡɑːrlənd/


    The fireplace was decorated with a sparkling garland, candles, bows and stockings.

    Tinsel /ˈtɪnsəl/


    I plan to hang some tinsels from the top, so that the Christmas tree will look more attractive.



    A beautiful hand-made angel was fixed at the top of the Christmas tree.



    I prefer to use the Christmas lights in my bedroom instead of a night lamp.

    Holly /ˈhɑːli/


    My mother told me to collect the holly in the wood to make a Christmas wreath for the front door.

    Cone /koʊn/


    They colored fir cones, added ribbons with bows and hung them on the Christmas tree.

    Ivy /ˈaɪvi/


    Ivy is used to make Christmas decorations such as garlands and wreaths.

    Mistletoe /ˈmɪsəltoʊ/


    Kissing under sprigs of mistletoe is a well-known holiday tradition, but this little plant’s history as a symbolic herb dates back thousands of years.


    Custom = habit /ˈkʌstəm/


    As part of the early custom, men were allowed to steal a kiss from any woman caught standing under the mistletoe, and refusing was viewed as bad luck.

    Christmas carol

    Caroling /ˈkærəlɪŋ/


    We were caroling at the festival on Saturday, and we couldn't have two of our best singers fighting.

    Feast /fiːst/


    "What a feast!" she said, surveying all the dishes on the table.

    Family reunion


    Christmas is a great time for family reunion.

    Togetherness /təˈɡeðərnəs/


    Even though I don't have my own family, singing carols and watching Christmas fireworks together with the other citizens in the main square every year gives me that wonderful feeling of togetherness.

    Jolly = joyful = cheerful = happy


    I love the bright yellow you've painted the children's room - it makes it look really jolly.



    Gift-giving, mainly centered around children, has been an important part of the Christmas celebration since the early 19th century.

    Activities on Xmas:

    Write a letter to Santa

    Throw a Xmas party

    Build a snowman

    Decorate a Xmas tree

    Go sledding - Go sand sledding at Red or White sand dunes

    Go walking/
    hiking/ trekking

    Go ice skating

    Attend a church service

    Go shopping for fun gifts

    Hit the street to see the light displays

    Hang stockings

    Try a new dessert

    Read a bedtime story

    Hang mistletoe in every doorway

    Have a video call with a faraway/ out of town friend or relative

    Make a DIY gift for someone

    Make a Xmas songs playlist

    Make paper snowflakes

    Take a ride to see the holiday decorations and lights in the neighborhood .

    Watch Christmas films

    Make Xmas tree ornaments

    Bake some Xmas cookies

    Design Xmas cards

    Take a family photo

    Sip some hot chocolate

    Exchange gifts

    Wear a Santa hat in public

    More useful words and expressions:

    Festive cheer


    to bring some festive cheer

    A pre-written holiday greeting


    I'm not good at finding the right words, that's why buying pre-written holiday greetings is the best variant for me.

    To write a letter to Santa


    When I was a kid, I wrote a letter to Santa every year. 

    To leave cookies and milk for Santa 


    Children often leave cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for his reindeer on Christmas Eve.

    to attract somebody with the lure of a peek at something


    Every year all stores try to attract children and their parents with the lure of a peek at a “live” Santa Claus.


    1. Do you celebrate Christmas in your country?

    2. When do you celebrate it?

    3. What do you know about Santa Claus? Is he popular in your country?

    4. Did you believe in Santa when you were a kid? Did you write letters for him?

    5. Do you decorate your house for Christmas? How do you decorate your Xmas tree?

    6. What kind of Christmas tree do you prefer: an artificial or a real one?

    7. Do you know any Christmas traditions?

    8. What do you usually give presents/ gifts to your relatives and friends on Christmas day?

    9. Do you like to go shopping at Christmas? 

    10. What do you usually do for Christmas?

    11. Do you hang up a stocking?

    12. Who do you usually celebrate Christmas with?

    13. Do you have a family reunion at Christmas?

    14. Do you like to stay at home or to go out at Christmas?

    15. Do you like to stay up late at Christmas?

    16. What foods do you usually eat at Christmas?

    17. Have you ever celebrated Christmas in a foreign country?

    18. Do you like watching Christmas movies during the Christmas week?

    19. Do you know any Christmas songs? Can you sing them?

    20. What is the weather like in your country around Christmas time?

    Conversation about Xmas:

    Student A:
    Hey, the Christmas is coming! Do you like Xmas?

    Student B:
    Yeah, I like it very much because I can decorate the Xmas tree, then I can hit the street with my friends to see the lights and decorations, have dinner with my family at home or at a nice restaurant, I also exchange gifts with my classmates and have a party at Co Tu's Homestay too!

    Student A:
    Wow, that sound interesting!

    Student B:
    How about you? What do you often do on Xmas day?

    Student A:
    As you know because I'm a Catholic/ Christian, so on Xmas day I often attend a church service.
    Then I have dinner with my family, I hang my stocking to get my gifts from Santa Claus/ my parents, I also go shopping for some fun gifts for my friends and family.
    I and my cousins take a ride to see the lights and decorations in the neighborhood.
    Finally we listen to Xmas songs together and sometimes watch a Xmas movie too before we go to bed.

    Student B:
    Great, I think you have a lot of things to do! What kind of food do you often have on Xmas?

    Student A:
    I often have roast chicken or duck with some salad, baguette; beef or seafood hot pot, some deserts like fruits or cakes and drinks like soda or beer. How about you? What food do you usually have on Xmas day?

    Student B:
    I usually have some beefsteak or roast turkey or chicken with smashed potatoes, cheese, some berries like strawberry or blueberry and cocktails or red wine.

    Student A:
    What clothes do you often wear on Xmas?

    Student B:
    I often wear a hoodie, jeans, sneakers and a Xmas hat. How about you?

    Student A:
    I usually wear a red dress or skirt and a blouse, boots and a Xmas hat too.

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