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Practice questions about Talking Photographs & Vacation/ Traveling!


  • Do you like taking photographs?

  • How often do you take photos?

  • In which situation do you like taking photos?

  • Do you prefer to take pictures of people or of scenery?

  • Do you prefer to take photographs yourself or to have other people take photos?

  • How do you keep your photos?

  • Do you keep your photographs on your computer?

  • Are there any photos on the walls of your house?

  • Do you frame (or have you framed) any of your photos?

  • Do you prefer to send postcards to people or to send photos that you took yourself? (Why?)

  • Describe a trip that you plan to go in the near future.

    You should say:

    Where this place is

    Who you would like to go with

    What would you do there

    Explain why you would like to go there

  • What is the importance of travelling?

  • What type of places do you recommend people to visit on vacation?

  • Do people in your country prefer to travel by car or by train?

  • What are the advantages of travelling with a group of people?

  • Should young people travel abroad?

  • Are international trips popular with people in your country?

  • What do you consider when you take a trip?

Part 1

To take photos/ pictures

To take portrait photography

To capture

Eyes are windows to the soul

Decent (adj)

Travel photography

Handy (adj)

Digital camera

Precious (adj)


To inspire

Inspiration (n)

Inspiring (adj)

To sit still

Stunning (adj)

Stunning landscape

To appear

Technique (n)

I do learn some techniques

Striking (adj)

Unique (adj)

Lively (adj)

Professional (adj)

Image (n)

To get the (perfect) shot

Mountainous view

To evoke

To take photos of yourself = To take a selfie

Photogenic (adj)

At ease

Entertaining (adj)

Ridiculous (adj)

Facial expressions

Angle (n)

An arm and a leg

Fortunately = luckily



In details

To invest


To make a habit to

Most of the time

To come across

Magnificent (adj)

That's no brainer

I'm a tech savvy

To look back

To flow back

To keep memories

Portable (adj)

Mind-purifying (adj)

To have a good sense of

To reflect

Glowing face

Nicely trimmed trees


To bring back

To cherish


Delight and sadness

Delightful (adj)

Black and white

To enlarge

To frame

To convey

To depict


When it comes to...

Vivid (adj) - Vividly (adv)

A couple of

To take a getaway trip to...

Coastal city > < Mountainous city

Incredible (adj) - Incredibly (adv)

To snap

A bunch of

To be about to


The sun was about to set, which was the perfect time for stunning photos.

To mark


Nostalgia (n)

A sense of nostalgia

Every single time

To label

On this particular occasion

To click

Blessed (adj)

Privileged (adj)

Contented (adj)

Apart from

As I see




To make a good impression on


As well


To focus on

High resolution


To convert into

Advanced (adj)

Extreme environment

Barely = hardly

To make use of

Miracle (adj)

In order to = so as to = to

To catch my eyes

To be in a (good/ bad) mood

Street life

Keep up the good work 

Gut (n)

High quality photos

Apparent (adj) - Apparently (adv)


Goldfish memory

To drive someone crazy

Memory storage


To take a nice shot

Editing features

To enable 

Instant (adj) - Instantly (adv)

Social networking websites

To recall

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