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Talking about Charity


Warm up questions:

  1. Do you agree with the expression "charity begins at home?"

  2. How often do you give money to charity? 

  3. Have you ever received charity from others?

  4. Do you ever buy used goods from charity shops?

  5. Do you think the people you know are very charitable?

  6. Do you think we should all donate some of our salary to charity?

Charity  /ˈtʃerət̬i/

   Ex. She does a lot of work for charity.

Charitable organization /ˈtʃerət̬əbəl  ˌɔːrɡənəˈzeɪʃən/

   Ex. She was involved in many charitable organizations.

NGO (Non-Governmental Organization)

   Ex. Co-operation between NGOs and governments is not always easy.

Association /əˌsoʊsiˈeɪʃən/

   Ex. The AARP, the American Association of Retired Persons, is a huge organization with millions of members.

Trust (noun)  /trʌst/

   Ex. Housing trusts help to provide houses for people who are not well off.

Public service  /ˌpʌblɪk ˈsɝːvɪs/

   Ex. The Senator has worked in public service all his life.

Health care /ˈhelθ ker/

   Ex. She worked in health care for 15 years.

Fundraising  /ˈfʌndˌreɪzɪŋ/

   Ex. a fundraising campaign/event

Donate (verb)

Donation (noun)

    Ex. An anonymous businesswoman donated one million dollars to the charity.

Blood donor   /ˈblʌd ˌdoʊnɚ/

   Ex. I'm not in a state of health to become a blood donor right now.

To sponsor  /ˈspɑːnsɚ/

   Ex. The event was sponsored by several local businesses.

Philanthropy /fɪˈlænθrəpi/

Selfless (adj) /ˈselfləs/ ##  selfish

Altruistic  (adj)  /ˌæltruˈɪstɪk/ ## egoistic  /ˌiːɡoʊˈɪstɪk/

Altruism (noun)  /ˈæltruɪzəm/


   Ex. I wanted to thank them for all their kindness.

Kindhearted (adj)

Benevolence  /bəˈnevələns/

   Ex. His sunny, calm tone suggested a man of deep benevolence.

Beneficence  /bəˈnefɪsəns/

   Ex. They rely heavily on the beneficence of their sponsors.

Awareness /əˈweərnəs/

Tolerance  /ˈtɑːlɚəns/

Humanitarian act  /hjuːˌmænɪˈteriən/

Goodwill gesture  /ɡʊdˈwɪl dʒestʃɚ/


Volunteerism /ˌvɑːlənˈtɪrɪzəm/

Compassion /kəmˈpæʃən/

   Ex. I was hoping she might show a little compassion.

Responsibility  /rɪˌspɑːnsəˈbɪlət̬i/

   Ex. Fatherhood is a lifelong responsibility.

Property  /ˈprɑːpɚt̬i/

   Ex. He owns a number of properties on the south coast.

Dole  /doʊl/

   Ex. If I can't find any work within a month, I'll have to go on the dole.

Aalms = handout

   Ex. In the past, people thought it was their religious duty to give alms to the poor.


   Ex. They opened a shelter to provide temporary housing for the city's homeless.


   Ex. More help is needed for people on low incomes.

Orphan /ˈɔːrfən/

   Ex. She's an orphan adopted by a wealthy New York family.

To suffer  

   Ex. She's been suffering from cancer for two years.

To starve  /stɑːrv/

   Ex. We can't stand by while millions of people starve.

Animal welfare

   Ex. That NGO is campaigning for a universal declaration on animal welfare.

Aid /eɪd/ = help

   Ex. A woman in the street saw that he was in trouble and came to his aid.

More and more (countable and uncountable nouns)

  Ex. More and more money is given to charity around the world.

Fewer and fewer (countable nouns only)

  Ex. There are fewer and fewer fundraising events in my city.

Less and less (uncountable nouns only)

  Ex. Less and less research is paid for by the government.

Useful phrases: 

I bet (that)...

   Ex. I bet that he won't donate even a dollar.

I have no doubt (that)...

   Ex. I have no doubt they will agree to adopt that poor stray puppy.

I strongly believe (that)...

   Ex. I strongly believe in personal choice.

It’s often said (that)...

   Ex. It's often said that since we can all travel anywhere, what's the point of travel writing?

It’s generally accepted (that)...

   Ex. It's generally accepted that a modern Western diet includes too much flesh.

To be not well off  ## well off

   Ex. His family is not well off, they don't even have money for food.


As cold as charity

   Ex. Tina's as cold as charity — she'll never help us with this problem.

Charity begins at home

   Ex.  She spends hours and hours on volunteer work and neglects the children, forgetting that charity begins at home.

Vermont charity

   Ex. A: "I'm so sorry that you still have so much work left to do." 

       B: "Don't give me Vermont charity—grab a paint brush, and help me out here!" 

Charity mugger /ˈmʌɡɚ/

   Ex. The charity muggers in this town are so horrible, they make you feel like an awful person if you don't contribute something.

Heart of gold

   Ex. Jane is always willing to help people; she has a heart of gold.

Give and take

   Ex. Life is a give and take and you'll do well if you focus on giving.

Bleeding heart

   Ex. Crime can't be blamed on poverty, as the bleeding hearts always insist.

Bread and butter

   Ex. Before Civid-19 tourism was the bread and butter of our coastal city.


  1. Would you like to work for a charity? Why/ why not?

  2. Do you take part in fundraising events for charity?

  3. Do you have a favourite charity? Which?

  4. Are you satisfied with the work charities do? Why/ why not?

  5. Do you think that governments should do more to help charities? Why/ why not?

  6. Do you think that charities should only help people and not animals, buildings etc?

  7. Do you have a pet?

  8. What do you think about pet shops? Is it better to buy a pet or take it from the animal shelter?

  9. Have you ever donated money? What was the last cause you donated money to?

  10. What is the largest amount of money you have donated?

  11. Do you ever worry about where the money you donate to charity goes? 

  12. Do you think that one day there will be no need for charities?

  13. How much suffering would disappear if each person donated some money to charity?

  14. Do you think it is immoral for people to spend lots of money on themselves when people are starving and dying?

  15. Are you a tolerant person?

  16. Is the society of your county tolerant or not?

  17. Do you think it’s necessary to help disabled people and people in need?

  18. What do you think of people who stand outside stores or railway stations holding charity donation boxes?

  19. Do you think it’s embarrassing to buy second-hand clothes at charity shops?

  20. Do you have any volunteering experience?

  21. If you apply for a volunteer position, what will it be?

  22. Are there any volunteers among your classmates/friends/family members?

  23. Is it popular to be a volunteer in your country?

  24. Do you think that celebrities should set a good example for others and help the charities?

  25. Are there any benefits for idols from donating money to charity organisations or volunteering to help them raise money?

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