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Talking about Inventions!


Old invention :

1.       Wheel

2.       Metal tools

3.       Glass

4.       Paper

5.       Printing press

6.       Gunpowder

7.       Compass

8.       Steam engine

9.       Electricity

10.    Telephone

11.    Light bulb

12.    Automobile

13.    Radio

14.    Television

15.    Penicillin

16.    Airplane

17.    Camera

18.    Refrigeration

19.    Sewing machine

20.    Telegraph

21.    Typewriter

22.    Steamboat

23.    Clock

24.    Factory system

25.    The plow

26.    The assembly line

27.    The loom

28.    The spinning wheel

29.    The abacus

30.    The wheelbarrow

31.    The stirrup

32.    The printing press

33.    The compass

34.    The crossbow

35.    The microscope

36.    The telescope

37.    The steam locomotive






Modern inventions :

1.        Smartphone

2.        GPS

3.        Social media

4.        E-commerce

5.        Streaming services

6.        Artificial intelligence

7.        Virtual reality

8.        Augmented reality

9.        Blockchain technology

10.     Cryptocurrency

11.     3D printing

12.     Self-driving cars

13.     Drones

14.     Electric cars

15.     Renewable energy technology

16.     Gene editing

17.     Nanotechnology

18.     Quantum computing

19.     Biometric authentication

20.     Cloud computing

21.     Internet of Things (IoT)

22.     Big data analytics

23.     Machine learning

24.     Robotics

25.     Cybersecurity technology

26.     Wireless charging

27.     Personalized medicine

28.     Digital assistants

29.     Wearable technology

30.     Smart homes

31.     Biodegradable plastics

32.     Self-healing materials

33.     Space tourism

34.     Clean meat technology

35.     Vertical farming

36.     Advanced prosthetics

37.     Wireless communication technology


Questions :


Ø  What is an invention?

Ø  What are some famous inventions?

Ø  Who invented the telephone?

Ø  How has the light bulb changed our lives?

Ø  How did the printing press impact the world?

Ø  What is an electric car?

Ø  What is biometric authentication?

Ø  What is the purpose of a drone?

Ø  What is renewable energy technology?

Ø  What is 3D printing?

Ø  How do self-driving cars work?

Ø  How do artificial intelligence and machine learning differ?

Ø  How has the smartphone changed our lives?

Ø  What is blockchain technology?

Ø  What is cryptocurrency?

Ø  What is virtual reality?

Ø  What is augmented reality?

Ø  What is nanotechnology?

Ø  How does cloud computing work?

Ø  What is the internet of things?

Ø  What is big data analytics?

Ø  How do robots work?

Ø  What is cyber security?

Ø  What is wireless charging?

Ø  How does biodegradable plastic work?

Ø  What is self-healing material?

Ø  What is space tourism?

Ø  What is clean meat technology?

Ø  What is vertical farming?

Ø  What are advanced prosthetics?

Ø  How does wireless communication technology work?

Ø  What are smart cities?

Ø  What are some examples of recent technological inventions?

Ø  What are some inventions from the past that have had a lasting impact?

Ø  How has transportation technology evolved over time?

Ø  How has communication technology evolved over time?

Ø  What is the role of innovation in society?

Ø  How do inventions help us solve problems?

Ø  What is the process of inventing something?

Ø  How do patents work?

Ø  What is the difference between an invention and a discovery?

Ø  How do inventions change our daily lives?

Ø  What is the history of technological inventions?

Ø  How have inventions impacted different industries?

Ø  What are some ethical concerns related to technological inventions?

Ø  How do inventions contribute to economic growth?

Ø  How do inventions impact the environment?

Ø  What are some future inventions that you would like to see?












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