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Talking about Jobs - Kids


Part 1: Vocabularies

Doctor (n) /ˈdɒktər/
EX: The doctor helps sick people feel better.

Teacher (n) /ˈtiːtʃər/
EX: The teacher teaches students in school.

Engineer (n) /ˌɛn.dʒɪˈnɪər/
EX: The engineer designs buildings and machines.

Chef (n) /ʃɛf/
EX: The chef cooks delicious meals in the restaurant.

Police officer (n) /pəˈliːs ˈɒfɪsər/
EX: The police officer helps keep our community safe.

Artist (n) /ˈɑː.tɪst/
EX: The artist paints beautiful pictures.

Firefighter (n) /ˈfaɪə.faɪtər/
EX: The firefighter bravely puts out fires.

Pilot (n) /ˈpaɪ.lət/
EX: The pilot flies airplanes.

Nurse (n) /nɜːs/
EX: The nurse helps take care of patients in the hospital.

Farmer (n) /ˈfɑː.mər/
EX: The farmer grows fruits and vegetables.

Waiter/waitress (n) /ˈweɪ.tər/ˈweɪ.trɪs/
EX: The waiter serves food in the restaurant.

Dentist (n) /ˈdɛn.tɪst/
EX: The dentist takes care of people's teeth.

Actor/actress (n) /ˈæk.tər/ˈæk.trəs/
EX: The actor performs in movies and plays.

Electrician (n) /ɪˌlɛkˈtrɪʃ.ən/
EX: The electrician fixes electrical problems.

Mechanic (n) /məˈkæn.ɪk/
EX: The mechanic repairs cars and machines.

Gardener (n) /ˈɡɑː.dən.ər/
EX: The gardener takes care of plants and flowers.

Architect (n) /ˈɑː.kɪ.tekt/
EX: The architect designs buildings.

Writer (n) /ˈraɪ.tər/
EX: The writer creates stories and books.

Barista (n) /bəˈriː.stə/
EX: The barista makes delicious coffee.

Cashier (n) /ˈkæʃɪər/
EX: The cashier helps customers pay for their purchases.

Nature of work:

    Full-time (adj)
    EX: She has a full-time job as a teacher.

    Part-time (adj)
    EX: He works part-time at the grocery store.

    High salary (n)
    EX: Being a doctor usually comes with a high salary.

    Low salary (n)
    EX: Some jobs, like being a waiter, may have a low salary.

    Dangerous (adj) /ˈdeɪn.dʒər.əs/
    EX: Being a firefighter is a dangerous job because they have to deal with fires.

    Safe (adj) /seɪf/
    EX: Working in an office is usually safe because there are no physical dangers.

    Boring (adj) /ˈbɔːrɪŋ/
    EX: Some people find working in an office boring because they do the same tasks every day.

    Interesting (adj) /ˈɪn.tər.ɪs.tɪŋ/
    EX: Being a journalist is an interesting job because you get to meet different people and learn about new things.

    Active (adj) /ˈæk.tɪv/
    EX: Being a sports coach is an active job because you have to move around a lot.

    Stressful (adj) /ˈstrɛs.fəl/
    EX: Being a doctor can be stressful because you have to make important decisions quickly.

    Rewarding (adj) /rɪˈwɔː.dɪŋ/
    EX: Teaching can be a rewarding job because you get to see your students improve over time.

    Flexible (adj) /ˈflɛk.sə.bəl/
    EX: Working as a freelancer offers a flexible schedule because you can choose when and where to work.

    Unpredictable (adj) /ʌn.prɪˈdɪk.tə.bəl/
    EX: Being a journalist can be unpredictable because you never know what stories will come up each day.

    Part 2: Grammars

    Asking about jobs:

    • "What do you do?" 

    Describing jobs:

    • "I am a teacher." 

    Expressing ideas:

    "I would like to be a doctor because I want to help people." 

    A: What do you want to be when you grow up?

    B: I want to be a firefighter because I want to help save people's lives.

    A: What does your mom do?

    B: She is a nurse. She helps sick people get better.

    A: Do you like your job?

    B: Yes, I love being a chef. I enjoy cooking delicious meals for people.

    Part 3: Questions

    • 1. What does a doctor do?

    • 2. Why do firefighters wear special uniforms?

    • 3. What does an architect design?

    • 4. How much does a waiter or a waitress earn per hour?

    • 5. Do you want to have a part time job to earn some money?

    • 6. What part time job do you like? and why?

    • 7. What does a gardener do?

    • 8. Where does a barista work?

    • 9. What does an electrician fix?

    • 10. What's your dream job?

    • 11. Why do you like your dream job?


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