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Talking about Describing Clothes - Kids

 Part 1: Vocabulary

  • Cotton (n) /ˈkɑːtn/

Example: This shirt is made of cotton.

  • Wool (n) /wʊl/

Example: My sweater is made of wool.

  • Silk (n) /sɪlk/

Example: This dress is made of silk.

  • Leather (n) /ˈlɛðər/

Example: I have a new leather jacket.

  • Denim (n) /ˈdɛnɪm/

Example: These jeans are made of denim.

  • Striped (adj) /straɪpt/

Example: I like wearing striped shirts.

  • Floral (adj) /ˈflɔːrəl/

Example: This dress has a floral pattern.

  • Polka dot (n) /ˈpəʊlkə dɑːt/

Example: I saw a cute skirt with polka dots.

  • checked (adj) /plæd/

Example: This shirt is a checked pattern.

    • Loose (adj) /luːs/

    Example: This dress is very loose on me.

  • Tight (adj) /taɪt/

Example: These jeans are too tight.

  • Fitted (adj) /ˈfɪtɪd/

Example: This shirt is fitted to my body.

  • Comfortable (adj) /ˈkʌmftəbəl/

Example: These shoes are very comfortable.

  • Stylish (adj) /ˈstaɪlɪʃ/

Example: This outfit looks very stylish.

  1. What kind of fabric is this shirt made of?

  2. I love wearing cotton clothes because they are so comfortable.

  3. This dress has a beautiful floral pattern.

  4. I think polka dot clothes are really cute.

  5. This shirt is a bit loose on me.

  6. These jeans are too tight

  7. This skirt is fitted and makes me look slimmer.

  8. These shoes are so comfortable to wear.

  9. This outfit looks very stylish on you.

  10. I prefer wearing leather jackets because they are durable.

  11. I don't like wearing wool sweaters because they are itchy.

  12. I love the plaid pattern on this shirt.

  13. I find silk clothes to be very elegant.

  14. This shirt feels very comfortable and stylish.

Part 2: Guessing Game

1. A material that is soft, breathable and often used for shirts and t-shirts.
2. A material that is warm, often used for sweaters and coats.
3. A material that is smooth, shiny, and often used for expensive dresses and accessories.
4. A material that is strong, durable, and often used for jackets and bags.
5. A material that is thick, sturdy, and often used for jeans and workwear.
6. A pattern with alternating lines.
7. A pattern with images of flowers.
8. A pattern with small circles.
9. A pattern with squares or rectangles. 

11. Describes clothes that are not too tight or too loose.
12. Describes clothes that are baggy and comfortable.
13. Describes clothes that are too small and feel uncomfortable.
14. Describes clothes that feel good to wear
15. Describes clothes that are fashionable and attractive. 

Part 3: Questions

  1. What kind of clothes do you like to wear?

  2. What is your favorite material for clothes?

  3. What kind of pattern do you prefer?

  4. What is the most comfortable outfit you own?

  5. What is your favorite style of clothing?

  6. What kind of clothes do you usually wear to school?

  7. What are your favorite brands of clothing?

  8. Do you like to wear clothes that are tight or loose?

  9. What is your favorite color to wear?

  10. What do you think makes a good outfit?

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