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Talking about Injury 1 - Kids


1. X-ray (n) /ˈɛksˌreɪ/
The doctor showed me my X-ray.

2. Patient (n) /ˈpeɪʃənt/
The doctor visited his patient in the hospital.

3. Doctor (n) /ˈdɑːktər/
The doctor treated my illness.

4. Foot boot (n) /ˈfʊt buːt/
I have to wear a foot boot for my sprained ankle.

5. Sprain (n/v) /spreɪn/
I sprained my ankle playing basketball.

6. Broken bone (n) /ˈbroʊkən boʊn/
She has a broken bone in her leg.

7. Sling (n) /slɪŋ/
She wore a sling for her broken arm.

8. Neck brace (n) /ˈnɛk breɪs/
She had to wear a neck brace after her car accident.

9. Cut (n/v) /kʌt/
I got a cut on my finger from the knife.

10. Splinter (n) /ˈsplɪntər/
I got a splinter in my finger from the wooden chair.

11. Sunburn (n) /ˈsʌnbɜːrn/
He got a bad sunburn after lying out in the sun.

12. Burn (n/v) /bɜːrn/
She burned her hand on the stove.

13.Bite (n/v) /baɪt/
The dog bit him on the leg.

14. Sting (n/v) /stɪŋ/
A bee stung her on the arm.

15. Accident (n) /ˈæksɪdənt/
He was in a car accident.

16. Wound (n) /wuːnd/
He suffered a gunshot wound.

17. Blister (n) /ˈblɪstər/
I got a blister on my heel from the new shoes.

18. Electric shock (n) /ɪˈlɛktrɪk ʃɑːk/
He received an electric shock from the faulty wiring.

Part 2: Guessing Game

  1. You hurt your ankle while running and it is now swollen

  2. The doctor takes this to see your bones. 

  3. This happens when a bone in your body breaks. 

  4. You use this to support a hurt arm. 

  5. This small sharp thing can get stuck in your finger.

  6. This happens when you get hurt in a car. 

  7. A bee can do this if you annoy it.

  8. You should put cold water on this. 

  9. This happens when electricity goes through your body. (Electric shock)

Part 3: Questions

  1. What happened to you the last time you went to the doctor?

  2. Have you ever broken a bone? What happened?

  3. How do you treat a burn?

  4. What should you do if someone has an electric shock?

  5. Have you ever had a sprained ankle? What did it feel like?

  6. What are some common injuries from playing sports?

  7. How can you prevent accidents at home?

  8. How do you think we should treat injuries?

  9. What are some common injuries children get?

  10. Why is it important to wear a helmet when riding a bike?

  11. Have you ever been stung by a bee?

  12. What should you do if you get a nosebleed?

  13. How do you feel about going to the doctor?

  14. What are some things you can do to stay safe?

  15. What is the worst injury you have ever had?

  16. How long do you usually have to wear a cast for a broken bone?

  17. What are some symptoms of a concussion?


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