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Talking about Household Tasks - Kids


1. Change the sheets (v) /tʃeɪndʒ ðə ʃiːts/
* Example: I change the sheets every Sunday.

2. Make the bed (v) /meɪk ðə bɛd/
* Example: I make the bed as soon as I wake up.

3. Feed the pets (v) /fiːd ðə pɛts/
* Example: Don't forget to feed the pets before you leave.

4. Water the plants (v) /ˈwɔːtər ðə plænts/
* Example: Can you please water the plants while I'm gone?

5. Wash the car (v) /wɒʃ ðə kɑːr/
* Example: It's a sunny day, let's wash the car.

6. Sweep the floor (v) /swiːp ðə flɔːr/
* Example: I sweep the floor every day to keep it clean.

7. Scrub the floor (v) /skrʌb ðə flɔːr/
* Example: We need to scrub the floor, it's very dirty.

8. Clean the oven (v) /kliːn ði ˈʌvən/
* Example: I hate to clean the oven, it's always so greasy!

9. Clean the windows (v) /kliːn ðə ˈwɪndoʊz/
* Example: Let's clean the windows so we can see the view.

10. Defrost the freezer (v) /ˌdiːˈfrɔːst ðə ˈfriːzər/ **
* Example: We need to defrost the freezer, it's full of ice.

11. Vacuum the carpet (v) /ˈvækjuːm ðə ˈkɑːrpɪt/
* Example: I vacuum the carpet twice a week.

12. Dust (v) /dʌst/
* Example: Don't forget to dust the shelves.

13. Clean the bathroom (v) /kliːn ðə ˈbæθruːm/
* Example: It's your turn to clean the bathroom.

14. Clean up/Tidy up (v) /kliːn ʌp/ /ˈtaɪdi ʌp/
* Example: Please clean up your toys before dinner. / Please tidy up your room.

15. Buy groceries (v) /baɪ ˈɡroʊsəriz/
* Example: I need to buy groceries for the week.

16. Do the laundry (v) /duː ðə ˈlɔːndri/
* Example: I do the laundry every Saturday morning.

17. Hang out the clothes / Hang clothes (v) /hæŋ aʊt ðə kloʊðz/ /hæŋ kloʊðz/
* Example: It's a nice day to hang out the clothes to dry. / I need to hang these clothes up to dry.

18. Do the ironing (v) /duː ði ˈaɪərnɪŋ/
* Example: I hate doing the ironing, it's so boring!

Part 2: Guessing game

  1. To put new cloth covers on the bed. 

  2. To make your bed look neat and tidy after you wake up. 

  3. To give food to your animals. 

  4. To give water to your plants to help them grow. 

  5. To make your car clean and shiny by washing it with water and soap. 

  6. To clean the floor using a broom.

  7. To use force and a brush to clean something that's very dirty. 

  8. To make the inside of the oven clean after you've cooked something. 

  9. To make the windows clean and clear so you can see through them. 

  10. To remove ice from the freezer. 

  11. To clean the carpet with a special machine that sucks up dirt. 

  12. To clean furniture and objects by removing dust with a cloth. 

  13. To make the bathroom clean and hygienic. 

  14. To make a place tidy by putting things in their correct places. 

  15. To purchase the food and other things that you need for your home. 

  16. To wash dirty clothes. 

  17. To put wet clothes outside or on a line to dry. 

  18. To make clothes smooth by using an iron. 

Part 3: Questions

  1. What do you do to keep your bedroom clean?

  2. What housework do you do every day?

  3. Who does the most housework in your family?

  4. What housework do you hate doing?

  5. What housework do you not mind doing?

  6. What is your favorite chore?

  7. How often do you change your bed sheets?

  8. Do you help your parents with the housework?

  9. What is one household chore you are really good at?

  10. Do you think it's important to help with housework? Why or why not?

  11. What housework do you think is the easiest?

  12. What housework do you think is the hardest?

  13. If you could have a robot to do one household chore, which chore would you choose?

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