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Talking about Christmas - Kids

 Part 1: Vocabulary

Decorations (Noun) /ˌdɛk.əˈreɪ.ʃənz/

Example: The Christmas tree was adorned with beautiful decorations.

Stocking (Noun) /ˈstɒk.ɪŋ/

Example: I hung my stocking by the fireplace, hoping for Santa's surprises.

Ornament (Noun) /ˈɔː.nə.mənt/

Example: Each year, we carefully choose new ornaments to decorate the tree.

Wreath (Noun) /riːθ/

Example: The front door was adorned with a festive wreath made of pine and holly.

Mistletoe (Noun) /ˈmɪs.əl.toʊ/

Example: Traditionally, a kiss is shared under the mistletoe during the holidays.

Caroling (Noun) /ˈkær.əl.ɪŋ/

Example: We went caroling in the neighborhood, spreading holiday cheer through songs.

Gift-wrap (Verb) /ˈɡɪft.ræp/

Example: I spent hours gift-wrapping presents to surprise my friends.

Jingle Bells (Noun) /ˈdʒɪŋ.ɡəl belz/

Example: The sound of jingle bells filled the air as the sleigh approached.

Festive (Adjective) /ˈfɛs.tɪv/

Example: The room was decorated in a festive manner, with lights and colorful ribbons.

Candlelight (Noun) /ˈkæn.dəl.laɪt/

Example: The dinner table was bathed in a warm glow from the candlelight.

Actions in Christmas:

Wrap (Verb) /ræp/

Example: It's fun to wrap gifts and create surprises for loved ones.

Sing (Verb) /sɪŋ/

Example: Families often gather to sing Christmas carols around the tree.

Hang (Verb) /hæŋ/

Example: We hang stockings by the fireplace on Christmas Eve.

Exchange (Verb) /ɪksˈʧeɪndʒ/

Example: Friends and family often exchange gifts during the holiday season.

Bake (Verb) /beɪk/

Example: Families bake delicious cookies to share during the festive season.

Admire (Verb) /ədˈmaɪr/

Example: We admire the beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the town square.

Gather (Verb) /ˈɡæð.ər/

Example: Families gather around the table for a special Christmas dinner.

Christmas Foods:

Eggnog (Noun) /ˈɛɡˌnɒɡ/

Example: Grandma makes the best eggnog for our Christmas celebrations.

Gingerbread (Noun) /ˈdʒɪn.dʒər.brɛd/

Example: Children love to decorate gingerbread cookies with icing and candies.

Cranberry Sauce (Noun) /ˈkræn.bər.i sɔs/

Example: Turkey is delicious with a side of homemade cranberry sauce.

Roast Turkey (Noun) /roʊst ˈtɜ

Example: The family gathered around the table to enjoy a succulent roast turkey.

Fruitcake (Noun) /ˈfrut.keɪk/

Example: Aunt Martha's fruitcake is a Christmas tradition we all look forward to.

Candy Cane (Noun) /ˈkændi keɪn/

Example: Kids love to find candy canes hanging on the Christmas tree.

Hot Cocoa (Noun) /hɒt ˈkoʊ.koʊə/

Example: After playing in the snow, we warm up with a cup of hot cocoa.

Chestnuts (Noun) /ˈʧɛs.nʌts/

Example: Roasted chestnuts are a popular snack during the winter holidays.

Peppermint Bark (Noun) /ˈpɛpərmɪnt bɑrk/

Example: Peppermint bark is a sweet and refreshing holiday treat.

Part 2: Grammars

Present Simple (Affirmative):

We decorate the Christmas tree every year.

Present Simple (Negative):

We don't open presents until Christmas morning.

Present Simple (Interrogative):

Do you sing Christmas carols with your family?

Part 3: Questions

What decorations do you like to put on your Christmas tree?

Have you ever hung a stocking by the fireplace?

Which ornament is your favorite on the Christmas tree?

Do you enjoy caroling in your neighborhood during the holidays?

What's your favorite Christmas dessert?

How do you wrap your Christmas presents?

Have you ever sung in a Christmas choir?

Do you hang mistletoe in your house during Christmas?

What's the most festive thing you've done for Christmas?

Which Christmas action makes you feel the most joyful?

How do you illuminate your house for Christmas?

What is the best Christmas gift you have ever received?

Have you ever exchanged handmade gifts with friends?

Do you help bake Christmas cookies in your family?

What do you admire most about Christmas decorations?

*How do you gather with your family for Christmas celebrations

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