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Talking about Flowers - Kids


Part 1: Vocabulary


  • Rose (n) /roʊz/ - The rose is a beautiful flower.

Sunflower (n) /ˈsʌnˌflaʊ.ər/ - Sunflowers are tall and yellow.

Tulip (n) /ˈtuː.lɪp/ - Tulips come in many colors.

Daisy (n) /ˈdeɪ.zi/ - Daisies have white petals.

Orchid (n) /ˈɔːr.kɪd/ - Orchids are exotic and colorful.

Lily (n) /ˈlɪ.li/ - Lilies are fragrant and elegant.

Poppy (n) /ˈpɑː.pi/ - Poppies are often red.

Lavender (n) /ˈlæv.ən.dɚ/ - Lavender flowers have a lovely scent.

Daffodil (n) /ˈdæf.ə.dɪl/ - Daffodils bloom in the spring.

Violet (n) /ˈvaɪ.ə.lɪt/ - Violets are small and purple.

Gardening Actions 

  • Plant (v) /plænt/ - We plant flowers in the garden.

Water (v) /ˈwɔː.t̬ɚ/ - Flowers need water to grow.

Dig (v) /dɪɡ/ - We dig holes to plant seeds.

Prune (v) /pruːn/ - Pruning helps plants stay healthy.

Fertilize (v) /ˈfɝː.t̬ə.laɪz/ - Fertilizer makes plants grow better.

Bloom (v) /bluːm/ - Flowers bloom in the spring.

Adjectives for Flowers and Gardening 

  • Fragrant (adj) /ˈfreɪ.ɡrənt/ - The roses are fragrant.

Colorful (adj) /ˈkʌl.ɚ.fəl/ - The garden has colorful flowers.

Fresh (adj) /freʃ/ - Freshly picked flowers smell lovely.

  • Aromatic (adj) /ˌær.əˈmæt̬.ɪk/ - Lavender is known for its aromatic scent.

  • Hardy (adj) /ˈhɑːr.di/ - Some flowers are hardy and can withstand harsh weather.

  • Bushy (adj) /ˈbʊʃ.i/ - The bushy plants provide shade in the garden.

Part 2: Grammar

Simple Structures for Communication 

  • Describing Flowers (Mô tả hoa):

    • The [flower] is [adjective]. 

    • I love the [color] [flower].

  • Talking about Gardening (Nói về làm vườn):

    • I enjoy [gardening action]. 

    • Gardening helps me relax. 

  • Expressing Preferences (Thể hiện sở thích):

    • My favorite flower is [flower]. 

    • I prefer [adjective] flowers. 

Part 3: Questions

Questions about Flowers 

  • What is your favorite type of flower?

  • Can you describe the color of a sunflower?

  • Do you like the fragrance of roses?

  • Have you ever seen a violet flower?

  • What do you know about daffodils?

  • Which flowers bloom in the spring?

  • What is the most beautiful flower you've seen?

  • Have you ever picked fresh flowers from a garden?

  • How do you feel when you see a field of colorful flowers?

  • Can you name any exotic flowers?

  • Do you enjoy gardening in your backyard?

  • What gardening actions do you do at home?

  • How often do you water the plants in your garden?

  • What is your favorite part of gardening?

  • When is the best time to sow flower seeds?

  • What do you do to keep your garden lush and green?

  • What are some benefits of gardening?

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