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Học tiếng Anh qua bài hát Yesterday Once More


listen (v) /ˈlɪsn/

Example: I love to listen to music in my free time.

Radio (n) /ˈreɪ.di.oʊ/

    Example: We can tune in to the radio to hear the latest news,

favorite (adj) /ˈfeɪ.vər.ɪt/

Example: "The Beatles" is my favorite band of all time.

sing (v) /sɪŋ/

Example: She likes to sing along to her favorite songs.

smile (n) /smaɪl/

Example: His smile always brightens up the room.

happy (adj) /ˈhæp.i/

Example: I feel so happy when I'm with my friends.

wonder (v) /ˈwʌn.dər/

Example: I wonder what the weather will be like tomorrow.

friend (n) /frɛnd/

Example: My best friend and I have known each other for years.

love (n) /lʌv/

Example: The love in their relationship is evident to everyone.


shine (v) /ʃaɪn/
             Example: The sun will shine brightly in the afternoon.

break (v) /breɪk/

Example: He didn't mean to break the glass; it was an accident.

yesterday (adv) /ˈjestədeɪ/

Example: I saw him yesterday at the park.

clear (adj) /klɪr/

Example: The instructions were clear and easy to follow.

sad (adj) /sæd/

Example: It's natural to feel sad when you say goodbye to a loved one.

change (n) /ʧeɪndʒ/

Example: Change is a part of life, and we must adapt to it.

Part 3: Grammar Structures

Past Simple Tense:

The lyrics use the past simple tense to describe actions that happened in the past, such as "I'd listened," "they played," "I wondered," and "I memorized."


The lyrics contain comparatives like "not so long ago" and "so much has changed." Create a simple activity where students compare things from their past and present.

Activity: Comparing the Past and Present

Ask students to think about something they enjoyed in the past (e.g., a hobby, a place, or a favorite TV show).

Have them write a sentence comparing how it was in the past to how it is now using comparatives (e.g., "My favorite TV show was more exciting in the past than it is now").

Encourage them to share their sentences with the class and discuss the changes they've experienced.

 Part 1: fill the gap

When I was young

I'd listened to the radio

Waitin' for my ….(1).... songs

When they played I'd sing along

It made me smile

Those were such happy times

And not so long ago

How I ….(2).... where they'd gone

But they're back again

Just like a long lost friend

All the songs I loved so well

(*) Every Sha-la-la-la

Every Wo-wo-wo

Still shines

Every shing-a-ling-a-ling

That they're starting to sing

So fine

When they get to the ….(3)

Where he's breakin' her heart

It can really make me cry

Just like before

It's yesterday once more

…(4)...back on how it was

In years gone by

And the good times that I had

Makes today seem …(5)... sad

So much has changed

It was songs of love that

I would sing to the

And I'd ….(6)... each word

Those old melodies

Still sound so good to me

As they melt the years away

Repeat (*)

All my best memories

Come back clearly to me

Some can even make me ….(7)

Just like before

It's yesterday once more

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